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Or December, for that matter. You just spent a month mixing all your ingredients in a bowl and now you need time for them to settle.

NaNoWriMo: The Right Rite of Passage for Writers

So, no looking at the danged thing for at least a month, okay? After that, go buy a supply of red pens and feel free to dig right in. One of the coolest things about NaNoWriMo is the incredible support system. In addition to online tools that make it easy to track your progress, there are forums, local support groups and banners, to name a few. The very best support system though, is the one you create. Your writing buddies will understand and give you your peace.

Informing the world also has the added benefit of making it a lot more difficult for you to chicken-out or slack off. All I had was a title and a list of potential characters. I committed to getting up at 5am each day and doing my writing before my real day got going. It was tough, but I never faltered.

The first three days were troublesome indeed and then something very interesting happened. The story walked in, booted me out of the chair and took over. Characters did and said incredible things, scenes developed and pushed their way through. In short, I got the heck out of the way and let things happen. I let go. If you are not making progress on your work in progress then you have to give it a shot.

I think it could change your entire perspective on writing. Go to www.

Please drop a line and let us know how things went. Feedback, perspective, insight are great but you can also just cuss me out if ya want. George Angus in his own words: George is kind of ridiculous guy who enjoys writing and writing about writing.

His website is www. Keyboard photo by Striatic. I rediscovered my love for writing and learned how to push through the tough parts that would have other wise held me back. Not only did I reach the 50k goal but I finished five days early.

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I was so proud of myself. I know this is just the first step of what I expect to be many, many steps to becoming a real writer but it has given me the confidence boost I needed.

So I guess I just wanted to say thanks for writing your honest views on NaNo. Whenever I put forth an article, I always hope that folks will read it and I like it even more when people leave a comment. With that said, the very, very best thing I can ever have happen is to receive a comment like yours.

So, you finished Nano? And, 5 days early? You should be so proud of yourself. It is indeed one heck of an achievement. Thanks for being part of the community here, George, and everyone else who participates in this discussion.

Instead of Mocking:

Writing may not be a group activity, but the benefits of meeting with and exchanging ideas with fellow writers is priceless. Some of my closest friends are people I met through Nano. We share that creative spark. We bounce ideas off each other, work through plot tangles together and inspire each other to keep creating worlds.

Rite | Definition of Rite by Lexico

That, to me, is worth more than the actual writing that is done during these meetings. But so is Nano, if you over-think the whole thing. He did well capturing the spirit of community, silliness and fun and pervades the event if you throw yourself into it. I was mired in perfectionism for a long time.

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It froze me to the spot. Aside from correspondence at work, I wrote nothing for nearly a year. I was miserable. Then I found Nanowrimo, particularly the forums one absurd thread tipped the balance for me. Lo and behold, there were all these other people out there just like me. Struggling with the same issues, wanting the same things, scared, self-conscious and feeling isolated. November is Nano to me now. It is Nutella, late nights, plot bunnies and good writer friends. It is so very worth it. If you know who composed it let me know! Categories: Humor. Tags: Humor.

I have an old friend in California named Jim Wright. They fell in love again, married, and enjoyed almost 20 years together. She used to joke that she had to wait 68 years to marry Mr. Great way to start my day. Now I know how to write right. Oh, I work in a church office, so maybe I need to write rite right today. Thanks Steve! I feel like I am a better person after reading this. By the way, I met Robynne. Thanks for putting us in touch! Looking forward to getting involved with Inspire! Love this! Not classic.