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Greg is a brand strategy consultant, writer, speaker, host and judge specialising in premium spirits. His mission is to experience, share and inspire with everything great about Whisky, Whiskey, Gin, Beer and fine dining through his website, GreatDrams. World Map of Distilleries.

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About us Flaviar is a band of spirits enthusiasts, inspired by culture, rich history and the art of distillation. Scotch Whisky vs. Irish Whiskey: What's the Difference. The first obvious difference between the two is the spelling of Whisky. Gaelic is native to both Ireland and Scotland, so it's hard to say where the E came from, but clearly it meant more to the Irish than the Scottish. As well as spelling, there are some big differences in how Whisky is produced in Ireland and Scotland.

Irish Whiskey is typically made from unmalted barley , and other grains, in a copper pot still and matured for a minimum of three years. So far, so good. They are fairly similar at a basic level , but once you get into it, they change quite a bit. Scotch is usually distilled twice and made completely from malted barley. Finishing with a malty sweetness, this bourbon makes for great straight sipping.

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Robust and rich on the palate, it has notes of vanilla, butterscotch, overripe bananas, cardamom, and flourishes of white and green pepper. On the long, mouth-coating finish, clove, black pepper and alcoholic heat tickle the tongue. Like the standard Old Overholt, this release from The Olds family is incredibly balanced, with equal parts oak, fruit and spice.

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The nose is rich with dark jammy fruits, but on the palate the whiskey leans toward lighter flavors of vanilla, orange and wheat. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Want More? Whatever the reason, the effects are real; Japanese whisky is now officially rare and expensive. As for what makes Japanese whisky special, Ward points to several key factors. Fuji [depending on the distillery], and the climate is warmer in Japan in the summer than it is in Scotland, which creates different flavor profiles for the whiskies.

Lastly, the people—many take great pride in spending their entire careers perfecting the art of crafting the perfect whisky. Here are 11 bottles of Japanese whisky that you should try at least once, from the easy to the impossible to find. Mention this bottle to a casual drinker and they might think you are talking about some kind of coffee-flavored whisky for brunch drinking. Coffey Malt is made from percent malted barley that is distilled in a Coffey column still normally used for grain whisky , giving it an almost bourbon-like characteristic. It is rich with caramel and vanilla flavors, aged in ex-bourbon casks, and has a nice, oily mouth-feel.

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The 18 Year Old single malt is an outstanding whisky in the Hakushu range, with fresh notes of fruit and malt, along with just a hint of smoke and dried cherry. The 12 Year and 25 Year are quite lovely as well, but the 18 lands in that mysterious sweet spot of the maturation process. There are people who balk at the thought of whisky made from rice, but several Japanese distilleries are doing just that.

Whisky at Black Rock, Shoreditch

The naysayers claim that this results in what is basically just over-proof shochu, but Japanese rice whisky can actually be a very complex spirit, especially when care is given to the maturation process. The Ohishi distillery, located on the Kuma River, uses two different types of rice, gohyakumanishi and mocha to distill its whisky.

The spirit is then aged for an undisclosed length of time in sherry casks, making this a rich and fruity dram that stands up with the best of Japanese whisky. Yamazaki 12 might be the most recognizable whisky from Suntory that you can find in America, although sadly even this core expression has become nearly impossible to locate at an affordable price. The whisky is light with dry spice notes and loads of fruity flavors, easy on the oak with a finish that lingers for awhile.

Yamazaki 12 is aged in a variety of casks, giving it a nice balance of flavors that, like a well-rehearsed orchestra, complement each other and result in something greater than the sum of its parts. This is a quintessential Japanese whisky that anyone interested in the category should try at least once.