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Using Algebraic Geometry

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ICTP Math Colloquium on Algebraic Geometry: history, applications and current trends

Conca Hilbert function and resolution of the powers of the ideal of the rational normal curve J. Pure Appl.

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    Using Algebraic Geometry

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    Sommen, D. The main treatment in this work is devoted to the analysis of systems of linear partial differential equations with constant coefficients, focusing attention on null solutions of Dirac systems. Cox, J. Little, D. Graduate Texts in Mathematics, pp. Using Algebraic Geometry. David A. Cox , John B.

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    Little , Donal O'Shea. In recent years, the discovery of new algorithms for dealing with polynomial equations, coupled with their implementation on fast inexpensive computers, has sparked a minor revolution in the study and practice of algebraic geometry. These algorithmic methods have also given rise to some exciting new applications of algebraic geometry.