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With a plastic case and digital display, it can. And a lot more than I have time to tell you. I know I might cop some flack for this particular watch as it does not really display accurate moon phases. This one from Peugot is a bargain at under dollars, but you do get what you pay for. The case is plated 14k gold and the band is leather, so that is a plus. However, it only has a Japanese quartz movement. The first of the functioning moon phase watches is a Chinese brand that seems to be making a name for themselves. They are using some quality parts at affordable prices a few hundred dollars including a Japanese Miyoto automatic movement and sapphire crystal.

Perhaps one of the best buys on this list is this Swiss Made classic from Frederique Constant based in Geneva. It has all the hallmarks of a clean and simple moon phase watch — white dial, roman numerals, thin black hands and alligator leather strap. Additionally, it also has day and date sub-dials and a clean sapphire crystal to keep it scratch-free.

Certina is not a brand most people are familiar with, but I have been wearing one for over a decade. They are a mid-range Swiss brand that often does not get the exposure outside Switzerland. Their take on the moon phase watch has many of the classic elements — clean dial, multiple sub-dials, round silver case and a stylish alligator leather band. The movement at this price level is again a Swiss made quartz, but they have included a clear sapphire crystal which is great to see on such a affordable watch.

Seiko seem to have their hand in all the pies, even when you least expect it. When researching moon phase watches, I did not expect they would have one — as it is often the realm of expensive Swiss manufacturers. But lo and behold, the SRX The hands are also classically black and sword shaped. The primarily white dial and black aligator leather strap are also very dressy and suit the watch to a T. Their Orient Star collection sits on the slightly more expensive end of this list, but what they offer is worth the price.

It is a stunning watch with intricate details that just keep on coming. Orient have also added an automatic movement to this watch, along with a Sapphire crystal and display back. Only adding to the worth of this stylish watch in my opinion. Especially when we are talking just a few hundred dollars for this watch, in most cases.

Omega are one of the most well known watch brands after Rolex. And for good reason. They make stunning, extremely high-quality watches that have been decorating the wrists of the rich and famous for decades. And of course the expected 3 sub-dial chronometer and tachymeter bezel we know and love. The hour markers alternate between arrows and arabic numerals, but are subtle and refined. And there is a rather unique date display around the case edge instead of minutes.

This is a watch for someone who values the handmade quality of a luxury Swiss made timepiece that only they will own. This watch is heading into the stratosphere with prices of tens of thousands, this white gold cased watch is something of a luxury timepiece.

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Daylight controls Secondary analyses evaluated crash risks during daytime hours on the same dates to check for a lack of an association where no association was anticipated. Supermoon nights A further analysis classified the full moon nights as either a supermoon night or a full moon night, depending on whether alignment coincided with the time of closest orbital approach. Consistency between control nights In secondary analysis we compared the control night one week before a full moon night with the control night one week after a full moon night.

International analysis A total of additional people were in fatal motorcycle crashes in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia during the full moon night and the control nights. Table 2 International comparisons of fatal crashes involving motorcyclists on full moon and control nights in United States and three other countries. Discussion In this study of motorcycle related deaths in the United States over four decades we found that such deaths were more common at night, particularly during a full moon. Limitations of this study Our study has many limitations. Conclusion Our study suggests that extra care is needed when riding a motorcycle during a full moon.

What this study adds A modest absolute increased risk of a fatal motorcycle crash was associated with the full moon in the United States The increased risk of death associated with the full moon further replicated in analyses from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia The increased risk of death was not necessarily caused by distraction since a full moon might also lead to more riding, faster speeds, added traffic, or other changes.

Notes Contributors: DAR wrote the first draft of the manuscript. References 1. World Health Organization. World report on road traffic injury prevention. Geneva: WHO. Accessed on 14 June Motorcycle-Helmet Laws and Public Health. N Engl J Med ; US Department of Transportation. Traffic Safety Facts.

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Accessed on 14 December National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Costs of injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes: A literature review. US Department of Transportation, National Vital Statistics Reports. Deaths: Preliminary data for Evans L. Traffic safety.

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Science Serving Society, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Traffic safety facts: motorcycles. Retting R, Rothenberg H. Washington: Govenors Highway Traffic Association, Gulland A.

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Global deaths from road incidents plateau. BMJ ; :h McCarthy M. US has worst traffic accident death rate among high income countries. BMJ ; :i Sarton G. Lunar influences on living things. Isis ; 30 Nudd T. Myths encyclopedia: myths and legends of the world. Burns W. Corona shoots the moon literally in latest advertising effort. Coffee P. Brain activity during driving with distraction: an immersive fMRI study.

Front Hum Neurosci ; 7 Distracted driving and risk of road crashes among novice and experienced drivers. Smith AP. A UK survey of driving behaviour, fatigue, risk taking and road traffic accidents. BMJ Open ; 6 :e Yantis S, Hillstrom AP.

Stimulus-driven attentional capture: evidence from equiluminant visual objects. Attentional and oculomotor capture by onset, luminance and color singletons.

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Vision Res ; 40 Jonides J, Irwin DE. Capturing attention. Cognition ; 10 Biased competition and visual search: the role of luminance and size contrast. Psychol Res ; 72 Proulx MJ. Size matters: large objects capture attention in visual search. PLoS One ; 5 :e Fatality Analysis Reporting System Encyclopedia. Accessed 12 February Traffic Safety Facts Nolle R.

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Super Full Moon. Tanner JC.