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This happens because our energy in this situation is not flowing from the truth of inner joy. Approaching life from a natural state of peace and balance can be found within when we open and see ourselves, others and life with our hearts. This means allowing time and space for breathing into what it is that makes us unique, recognizing the creative spark of each of us as divine and loving and knowing without doubt that we deserve to express that in co-creative ease and grace. Abundant living stems from the illumination of abundance in our lives. Illumination of abundance means seeing ourselves as abundant, worthy of abundance and understanding our power to choose a consciousness of abundant living.

Notice right now what you are thinking about yourself, your life or your situation.

Are you feeling hopeless? If so, shift out of thinking about whatever your problems may be and allow yourself to picture abundance flowing into your life, right now. Make this a practice and actively shift your thinking to ideas and dreams of abundance whenever you start down a road of negative feelings. Pretty soon you will be eager and look forward to the better feeling thoughts of abundance.

As a divine-human, your essential-self offers you a steady stream of love in expression of your creativity, kindness, compassion, beauty and abundance. Watch your beliefs about self-worth and resistance to ideas about living abundantly. Use affirmations like, I attract abundance into my life because that is what I am. Your supply is unlimited in the universal flow of abundance. Think about and act as if you are living your abundant life. Start where you are and set intentions for more abundance. The more you enjoy out-picturing all that you desire and dream of, and partake in the generosity in your life today, the more you activate the energy of attraction to fulfill your intentions.

When things fall apart and you are living with uncertainty, it helps to get emotional support. I want to help you not only recover your footing but confidently create a new path to happiness.

The Journey to Freedom: Navigating the Roadblocks to Abundant Living

Adversity can be an opportunity to get on track to truly fulfilled living and I can teach you how. Complete connection with who I am is what I want because when I know myself as the loving, compassionate, masterful, and divine being at my core, my moments of life are profoundly enjoyable. I admit that I slip in and out of that delicious state of consciousness, prone to the influence of others, tossed around a bit by distractions, resistant thoughts, beliefs and emotions. But my intention these days is to stay in that higher, clear, joyful state more and more often, to feel the uplifting alignment with positive vibrations.

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When I am spiritually aware I invite my higher self into my life so I can fully inhabit and live my experiences as the authentic person I am capable of being. The big difference of a spiritually aware approach to knowing oneself, is the emotional willingness, conscious openness and deliberate focus on the unlimited potential for good that comes from connection with the divine self.

Each individual is unique and we all want to reach our potential — all the things that life has caused us to want. I ask myself more frequently these days, am I allowing the experiences of my life to be the catalyst for connecting with my inner being? The connection to Source and being in an attitude of satisfaction with the emotional feeling of being a part of everything that is becoming, of the energy that is always flowing around me, is a new perspective.

As I relax into it I notice that I see everything and everyone in the process of creating experiences, including myself, based upon who we think we are.

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This is perhaps the most important reason to know yourself — so you can live your life as you truly are meant to. I must step back and state that I believe I am a magnificent being, an energetic creation and creator. Yes, I am physical and my blood, bones and flesh are me, too. I am an extension of the energy of All-That-Is.

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I came to this understanding through my own pain and suffering when I finally surrendered the struggle and asked for guidance. Those societal and religious standards that silence your inner voice and connection to your own divine essence may be well intended but they can cut you off from knowing your true self. Do you live your life by rules or by the integrity of your own heart and mind? Are the opinions of others influencing how you perceive yourself and live your life?

Knowing who you are and acting from respect and love for yourself first is not only being authentic but it allows you to respect others for who they are. Establishing and maintaining a harmonious connection between you and your spiritual essence is not only how we remain true to ourselves it is how we move forward with enhanced joy and able to serve better. Open yourself up to discover your inner divinity and tune into the invisible intelligence that flows life through your physical self. You can feel the connection to the Infinite in your breath, the animating force of spirit.

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Discover your true self and come to rely upon it at all times. There are many ways we can know ourselves. One way is through what seems like the practical, everyday sense — the way we interpret our experiences, evaluating our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weaknesses. But the question then arises, does the life you are living reflect who you really are?

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And, are you reacting to circumstances and outward events or circumstances that are dictated by the ideas or beliefs of others or are you appreciating your outside world because it affirms the truth of what you believe about yourself, the expression of who you are within?

What do you choose?

Who you are based upon the whims, decisions and ideals of others, or living through the joy of knowing yourself as the magnificent divine being you are meant to be? What kind of life do you desire to live? All human beings want to be happy and live a good life, but what does that truly mean to you deep down?

I had the pleasure of speaking with a master and commander recently who, full of enthusiasm and expectation for a joyful, gentle, abundant and love-filled life his words , explained to me how he had become not only captain of his ship but captain of his life.

He had made a conscious choice to have a gentle, happy, easy life after losing a difficult battle with the sea while captaining his boat and a crew. Following his ordeal, the commander isolated himself on remote islands off the coast of Australia, carrying a painful burden of despair. After going through some months of feeling distraught, questioning the value of his life, he discovered the voice of his inner explorer beckoning, becoming louder each day even as he focused on his pain.

It took him a while to listen, he said, but soon his inner calling was just too loud to ignore. He realized he needed to make some decisions about not only what he wanted next but how he wanted to feel. Would he continue to wallow in hurt and or use his pain as an opportunity to make some positive changes? Just that bit of soul searching put him on a better feeling trajectory where hope could enter his heart. I could sense the power and truth of what his inner shift had led him to know because as he spoke to me I could feel his expectation of happiness resonate in my heart.

The captain commanded his desires into fruition because first, he came to understand and command the power of his own conscious, emotional awareness. Creative energy or creative expression is set through the energy of emotions e-motion and we have choices in each moment about how we feel.

The captain recognized his inner power to feel good by lining up his emotional or feeling nature with his desires. He made the important decision to keep his focus on inner heart happiness and from there everything else flows. Beginning with just a slight bit of inner hope — the inner call to renew his adventure of exploring — and then openly questioning his path forward, the commander had simply surrendered resistance and became willing to recreate himself and his life.

The universe responded by offering evidence of the power of his decision to become a deliberate creator — his life is filled with wonderful new adventures but more importantly, his heart is full of the love that attracts all those adventures. He is a conduit for his own joyful energy, the same joyful energy each and every one of us can experience. Becoming the captain of your heart is not about the manifestation of things. We tend to put our energy and effort into what we want to acquire rather than on feeling good first. Captains of the heart are pleased with what they think about and feel as they come into harmony with their true, innermost creativity and desires.

That starts with being okay with where you are in this moment, here and now.

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