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Thank you and well done. Our group of mature Christians have enjoyed using these studies and have found them helpful, though some of the earlier studies on God the Father appeared to have a number of similar questions which tended to inhibit discussion. We have found that the studies contain a lot of material for a single session and we have normally split them into two. It is helpful that there are application questions within the studies and not just at the end.

Our group is happily working through this but as with so many bible studies the writer seems occasionally to be coming from a strange angle. Good Book studies are generally much better than the alternatives but even in them some questions seem a little odd! A helpful overview which uses each line of the Creed as a springboard to explore thematically-lilnked bible passages, thus good for getting to know several parts rather than just one book of the bible.

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This isn't a doctrinal explanation of the theology behind the Creed but you wouldn't be looking for that in a small group bible study series like this. It is the first of the Good Book Guide series we have used and was thorough, clear, well-structured, with attempted application which is always the trickiest bit. It felt slightly more basic than the Interactive Bible Study series Mathias Media that we have used previously in our group of 'mature-aged' folk of long time church attending but with a range of biblical knowledge so if you have knowledgable bible folk in your group this may not be quite at the right level.

However, it certainly met the need sufficiently for our group. Having the study leader notes at the back is certainly a helpful bonus!

Thanks to the authors. We have used this study guide for a ladies home group. We are about half way through and are enjoying it very much.

We find it thought provoking and stimulating and are enjoying the extra bits for 'homework' as we don't quite have time for it all. We take it in turns to lead and appreciate the excellent leaders notes.

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Even our newly baptised member is going to give it a go. Excellent, thank-you. We use this book with small group of youth leaders as a basis for study and we find it good for exploring our faith and what we actually believe. We also use it with a group of young people who don't really know what Christianity is and want to know the basics.

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