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HarperCollins Publishers has made every reasonable effort to ensure that any picture content and written content in this ebook has been included or removed in accordance with the contractual and technological constraints in operation at the time of publication. The girl sat down and looked at Mr Parker Pyne.

She was a pretty girl and quite young. Her hair was dark and wavy with a row of curls at the nape of the neck. She was orphaned at fourteen years of age, when she went to live with her Uncle Andrew in Devon. He was recently returned from making his fortune in Australia. He was opposed to his niece bet Sitting in front of a fire, Hastings listens as Poirot recounts his greatest failure.

When a wealthy French deputy dies, everyone believes it is from natural causes. Poirot is on vacation from the Belgian police when a young lady comes to him convinc Poirot receives a visit from a Mrs Pengelley, a middle-aged woman who is afraid that she is being poisoned by her husband, a dentist.

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She has been ill after eating but her doctor states that she is suffering from acute gastritis. She and her husband Poirot is called in by Marcus Hardman, a collector of various antique precious objects, to investigate a jewel robbery. The theft occurred from his safe when he was holding a small tea party at his house.

He showed his guests his collection of mediev When the specifications for a new bomber plane are stolen, the Air Marshal enlists Hercule Poirot to help him find the culprit. A family curse derived from a medieval ancestor of the Lemesurier family - he suspected his wife of being unfaithful and that their son was not his own.

As punishment he murdered them both and dying she cursed his family to never have a first-born so Hercule Poirot always kept a healthy symmetrical balance in the bank of four hundred forty-four pounds, four and four pence. But what about investments? Hastings proposes he buy shares worth three hundred pounds in oil fields promising a yield of At Japp's suggestion Poirot and Hastings joined him for the weekend in the small countryside town of Market Basing. Enjoying Sunday breakfast, the three are interrupted when the local constable requested Japp's help.

Walter Protheroe, the reclusive o A beautiful and bewitching woman wants Hercule Poirot's help to exonerate her lover, accused of murdering her husband. The husband's body was found in a chest -- now the question is: who put it there? Poirot is undergoing the trial of a sea voyage to Egypt, supposedly as a holiday. Not enjoying one bit the motion of the waves, he joins in the conversations of the other passengers. Among them is a General Forbes who is angrily dismissive of a man w Poirot is summoned urgently by special messenger late at night to 'Sharples', the home of Lord Alloway, head of the Ministry of Defence and a potential future Prime Minister.

Travelling there with Hastings, he is introduced by their host to Admiral S A priceless ruby is stolen from a Far Eastern prince while he is in England. The ruby is intended for the prince's bride-to-be, and Hercule Poirot must find it before a scandal erupts A woman's body is found in the third-floor flat of Friar Mansions, and who should live on the very same block but the perspicacious Hercule Poirot?

Agatha Christie has written a mystery that turns the world of crime upside down, proving there is no honor among thieves, and once again praising the little grey cells of Hercule Poirot. Here's how she proceeds A beautiful young lady veiled in Spa Sitting on the garden terrace of his large house on a summer evening, John Harrison is delighted to receive an unexpected visit from Hercule Poirot. The detective tells him that he is in the locality to investigate a murder but amazes Harrison by adm Poor Gladys has been accused of stealing a precious brooch belonging to her employers, the reserved Mis Previously published in the print anthology The Thirteen Problems.

At a health resort, Miss Marple becomes suspicious that a man she meets is planning on murdering his wife. A murder-suicide in a small village mimics events that took place years before.

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A dinner party takes a deadly turn when somebody poisons the guests. There's a body in a trunk; a dead girl's reflection is caught in a mirror; and one corpse is back from the grave, while another is envisioned in the recurring nightmare of a terrified eccentric. What's behind such ghastly misdeeds? Try money, revenge These novels show Agatha Christie's detective writing genius began with her first Novel.

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford wait anxiously for a letter from Russia that may contain information of international importance hidden beneath the stamp. The letter is anticipated by more than just the Beresfords, and they must fight to keep the inform While staying with the Kingston Bruce family, Mrs.

Hamilton Betts discovers that her valuable pink pearl is missing. Presuming it to have been stolen by another houseguest, the concerned host contacts the Beresfords for help Joyce Lempiere tells the Tuesday Night Club of an incident that occurred five years ago when she was vacationing at a small inn on the Cornish coast.

She was painting a picture of the front of the inn, including details of wet bathing suits drying on When civilian life proves too dull for Major Wilbrahams, he contacts Parker Pyne to escape his boredom. Pyne's assistant arranges a chance meeting with the beautiful Freda Clegg and the two join forces, but on leaving for Africa they encounter more t Maria Packington suspects her husband of having an affair. In an attempt to revitalize her marriage, she responds to an ad from Mr. Parker Pyne--who promises to provide solutions to unhappiness.

Maria's life soon undergoes a rapid transformation… On a dark evening, Mr.

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Harley Quin appears at the door of Royston Hall under the premise that his car has broken down. Once inside, he embarks upon the tragic tale of Royston Hall's former occupants, leading to a dramatic change in the perceptions of Davenheim, a wealthy financier, leaves his home to mail a letter, then fails to return.

The story fills the newspapers and intrigues Hercule Poirot, who challenges Inspector Japp with the claim that he can solve the case before the police, and wi A personal advertisement written in code attracts the attention of Tuppence Beresford.

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When Tuppence suspects that the code involves the Three Arts Ball, she persuades Tommy to attend dressed in costume. Tuppence's suspicions prove to be correct when Years ago, a murder was committed on the night of a costume party thrown by Sir Richard Haydon. Sir Richard's estate contained the grove of Astarte, which held a mysterious stone summer house rumored to have been the site of numerous sacred rites in Raymond West approaches the Tuesday Night Club after his visit to John Newman, a friend who is searching for the Spanish ship Otranto which was shipwrecked off the coast of Cornwall.

When John Newman disappears for days, upon his return he claims tha Jane Cleveland is in desperate need of a job, and when she sees an ad for a woman of her description needed to impersonate a grand duchess, she cannot believe her luck.

The royal retainers tell Jane that the job will be dangerous because attempts hav Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings are on holiday at the opulent Grand Metropolitan Hotel in Brighton, where they meet the wife of a wealthy stockbroker. As they discuss the jewels worn by Mrs. Opalsen, the great detective relates his experiences in Just as World War I is drawing to an end, the prime minister is kidnapped. It is down to Hercule Poirot to locate him before a crucial conference, to avert an international crisis.

When Edward wins money in a newspaper competition, he immediately buys the sleek red car of his drea The fiancee of Philip Ridgeway asks Poirot to prove his innocence. Ridgeway is the nephew of Mr Vavasour, the joint general manager of the London and Scottish Bank and a million dollars of bonds have gone missing whilst in his care. Poirot meets Ridg At a meeting of the Tuesday Night Club, attorney Mr. Petherick relates an incident involving the late Simon Clode, a wealthy client.

Obsessed by his granddaughter's death, Clode turned to spiritualist Eurydice Spragg to contact her in the afterlife, Every morning at the same hour on the golf course, Jack Hartington hears mysterious cries for help coming from a cottage. He speaks to the resident and learns that she has unsettling dreams of a woman with a blue Chinese vase. Believing that the crie Mystery writer Anthony Eastwood is lured to the crime scene of a faked murder, where two individuals masquerading as police officers arrest him and charge him for murder.

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As the phony police officers escort Mr. Eastwood home, the true goal of the mas When Ebenezer Halliday's daughter's body is found stuffed underneath a train seat, the wealthy American industrialist hires Hercule Poirot to locate the murderer and over one hundred thousand dollars' worth of stolen jewels At Mr. Unkerton's party in Greenway's House, Mr. Satterthwaite learns of a haunted window: no matter how many times it is replaced, it always contains the image of a gentleman in a plumed hat.

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When gunshots are heard, Satterthwaite finds tha Fifteen years ago, Miss Marple's niece, Mabel Denman, was accused of murdering her abusive After a supper of canned lobster and a dessert of canned trifle, three people become ill and Mrs Jones is found dead. Although a bout of botulism is suspected, the Tuesday Night Club is keen to investigate further… An aging, heavily-insured country squire whose estate is in financial ruin is thought to have committed suicide.

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Hercule Poirot investigates, in the guise of a representative of the victim's insurance company, to uncover the identity of the real murd This fully authorized and comprehensive guide to the Queen of Mystery includes an introduction by award-winning Agatha Christ Doctor Haydock, the resident GP of St. Mary Mead, hopes to cheer up Miss Marple as she recovers from the flu with a little story.

The tale revolves around the return of the prodigal son of Major Laxton, the devilishly handsome Harry Laxton. Harry, af Not only has Mr. Stavansson emerged after a two-year Arctic advent Satterthwaite visits a new exhibit at the Harchester Galleries, there is one painting that bears an unusual likeness to a mysterious acquaintance of his, Mr.