Manual Path To Inner Knowledge: Sensing Your Way To Peace, Balance and Health

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It really inspires me. It's worth living! Marina Khomyakova. Instructor of courses, master classes, Practice of Stillness, awareness- rising seminars and other events. Organizer and host of the retreats "Movement to Enlightenment". Certified yoga instructor. Artem teaches the Practice of Stillness in Minsk and Riga for more than 6 years.

Has taught more than 20 courses and retreats in Givin School. The leader of meetings and consciousness development practices.

He has extensive experience in raw food diet and health practices. Co-author and a mentor of yoga course for women "Women Power" in Minsk. Artem has the most interesting background and can share stories about everything.

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He's able to help and contribute 24 hours a day. A real peaceful warrior with a great sense of humor. But one day I felt that the world isn't what I thought it was. As if I had my eyes covered by my hands and now I took them off and saw a space filled with life and beauty that I've never seen before.

I realized that I came alive, or rather, something inside me did. And that was the reason why the boring world also awakened. Everything happened before became complete and meaningful. I started to understand why all of this was necessary. This natural wisdom which surpasses all human genius, these forces of nature which lay dormant in us, thrill my heart to this day. That day I felt enormous gratitude towards life, and the fire lit up in me, the desire to learn this new, unexplored life - the life of the human soul.

At that moment I decided that I will help people in their development, in the liberation of their souls, and show them how they can consciously learn from Life, understand its language and act in harmony with it. Artem Isaykin. Leader of introductory seminars, master classes and the Practice of Stillness in Moscow. Organizer and mentor of retreats in Givin School. Active member of national and international conferences and forums. She is one of the most experienced school mentors. She is quite straightforward, but kind and sympathetic.

It is impossible to imagine a practice where she would not participate as a mentor. She is the driving force of the Givin School. Now she mainly deals with online educating formats. She motivates and inspires guys who have just started taking the Path. She helps people to reveal their potential, gives opportunities for growth, helps in the self-identification.

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She is the organizer of the public movement "The Work with Joy". She loves animals and traveling. I was terrified, but it was my path. The teacher saw it and showed the shortest and the best way of development. It's something that I really like. Soon I realized that I was born for it.


And now I feel great from all the activities at School. Valentine Pollo. The mentor of retreats, courses, master classes, Practice of Stillness, introductory seminars, and other events. Leader of the online course "Balance". Alexander was born in Saratov, Russia.

Has been teaching at the Givin School for 4 years. He conducted around 30 retreats and participated in a large number of seminars related to Awakening and taking the Path.

He is an intellectual, very deep and reliable person. He is also demanding, attentive and caring instructor. Conducts meeting and talks on topics of development, overcoming life's difficulties. He's a certified wellness massage specialist and shares his recipe for healthy attitude towards life.

Alexander is interested in the mechanics of various types of systems, starting from a single human to a large organization. Appreciates a permacultural landscape design. In he experienced the Awakening himself. I flew off somewhere, I'm not able to describe everything that happened, but I felt like a fountain of pure pleasure was flowing through me. It's the absence of anxiety, problems, worries, and anything that's unnatural. There's no resistance to life. You're in it and live.

It's like for my whole life I've been holding onto something, and I've finally let go. Alexander Larionov. Teacher of weekly practices "Practice of Stillness" in St. Organizer and instructor of retreats in Givin School. The most experienced of the instructors, more than 20 years engaged in the practice of human development under the guidance of the teacher Gennady Givin.

Combines training and teaching in the Riga branch of the International School.

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He is involved in regular informative, lecture, journalistic activities aimed at promoting the importance of spiritual work in the life of every person and society. He is the author of books "Conversation with an angel", "Conversations with a teacher". I began to change my life and myself only after everything including health, family, work collapsed. Then I realized either I change myself or die. After two or three months of training, I was surprised that I was not only alive but became much healthier!

And at some point, something switched in me. I strived not to run away from suffering and problems. There was an understanding that once I had help, then I must share this help with others. This understanding was natural. From that moment everything changed qualitatively much faster. Andrew Bashoon. Instructor of courses, retreats, master classes, Practice of Stillness, introductory seminars and other events, certified yoga instructor.

She is a very open person, with a natural ability to ignite and empathize people helping them to find a way through the difficult life situations. She can also provide a magic boost to your Ego that can be helpful in awakening your Heart. Change to be happy, to live in harmony and embrace life. It's the greatest reason to live. When I started the practice, I immediately began to feel self-awareness and who I really am. I became the living void - the eternal, infinite, immortal nothing.

I started to live my Life.

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The practice became my manual. I was very lucky to meet my teacher Genadiy on my path. When you wake up you realize what life means, start living, become yourself. It's very simple.