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The legislative change made it possible for companies to apply the credit against their state franchise tax liability and thus increased the pool of potential investors, said Mackay. In federal fiscal year FY , the New York total project figures for the federal HTC were the highest amount for any state in the history of the federal program. Refundable Credit Supporters of the program say the most significant change to the credit under the new state budget bill is that it will be refundable for projects placed in service after Jan. Previously, only New York taxpayers could benefit from both the federal and state historic incentives because the credit cannot be bifurcated or divided among different investors.

Mackay agreed. While Mackay said that he would be willing to revisit the issue of bifurcation in future bills, he said its passage is unlikely in the near future for New York. Refundable state credits do have state-level precedents with both the state brownfields tax credit and the state film and television production tax credit. Qualifications and Implementation The property qualification requirements of the credit remain unchanged.

As before, commercial buildings must have an approved federal tax credit certification. The property must also be in a federal census tract that is at or below percent the state family median income level. The legislation did replace the data source for defining the census tracts from the U. Census to the American Community Survey. The program targets economically distressed census tracts, so investments will be made in historic downtowns and neighborhoods that need it most, said staff at the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation OPRHP.

If a project applies for the federal credit and meets all the state credit requirements, it automatically qualifies for the state credit. He expects this to change in the long run with the recent concessions to investor flexibility. Proposed Legislation In the legislative session, State Sen.

Grisanti spoke with developers in Western New York who wanted to undertake bigger rehabilitation projects that would require more credits than those allowed under the current cap. The bill was passed by the Senate and Assembly but was vetoed by the governor, who said that the state budget would be a more appropriate forum for the tax credit program proposals.

They included the Bowtie 11 screen cinema and the new Golub Corporate Headquarters amongst an impressive array of large and small development that is reviving Downtown Schenectady. Buicko highlighted the promising Alco project. It involves cleaning up a contaminated brownfield and turning it into a Mohawk River Harbor.

Regional Planning Panel Session: Frederick Law Olmsted Jr - Nature, People and Places

Although many of our state parks like Niagara Falls and Letchworth are natural wonders, our state park system is rich in recreational facilities like golf courses and physical infrastructure. It has resulted in a huge backlog of deteriorated park infrastructure. The case can be made that the 20th century state parks no longer adequately serve the needs of the 21st century.

This view was presented at a recent Fabos conference on landscapes and greenways at the University of Massachusetts. More than ever, we will depend on ecological services to support this urban population. Ecological services capitalize on natural and cultural resources and processes that give us fertile soil, fresh water, breathable air, an amendable climate and recreational and cultural opportunities. Urban and regional landscapes that foster ecological services with recreational and cultural benefits will become the new normal for urban and state parks in the 21st century.

Instead of continuing to pump state funds into the restoration of outdated physical infrastructure like roadways, facilities and structures of traditional state parks, the state needs to foster the green infrastructure inherent in these parks. Paul M. New York. A great thing about America is its parks, their diversity and their endurance. Communities proudly have parks, as do states and the nation. Those parks preserve natural and cultural assets for future generations, offer places for recreation and foster civic identity. Later came the Robert Moses era, which was intended to assure outdoor recreational opportunities within reasonable distance for all New Yorkers.

Urban and regional state heritage areas broaden that mission explicitly to include sustainable economic development. Creativity and pride go into the protection of natural and historic treasures as parks. New York courts have protected parks with the public trust doctrine that requires legislative approval before discontinuing or compromising a municipal or state park. Sadly, the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is walking away from responsibility for heritage areas.

These parks, created in our time, were put in jeopardy by former state parks Commissioner Carol Ash during the Paterson administration. With strong support from state legislators, local officials and many other public and private leaders, state heritage areas have managed to survive in hard times that have been made harder by the state parks agency. The Susquehanna Heritage Area, for example, recently expanded from 2 cities and village to include more than 35 towns and villages in Broome and Tioga counties. In the early s when the state heritage area law was enacted and the early s there were recessions and cutbacks in state and federal funding.

But in both times, state participation in the heritage area partnership continued. He did not walk away from it as Carol Ash did.

State knew of rockfall risk at Thacher before accident

A portion of each of these 3 national heritage areas is within the Capital Region. At that conference, then-Gov. The state heritage area program is codified in the state parks law. The state parks agency was to be the leader of a heritage area system with local governments and private organizations playing significant roles in organizing and managing their heritage areas. State agencies were to assist heritage areas as they pursued their integrated goals of conservation, recreation, education and sustainable development pursuant to management plans approved by the state parks commissioner.

Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs and the Riverspark including Troy, Cohoes and five neighboring communities are state heritage areas. Throughout New York history, the ball has not been dropped by withholding support and jeopardizing the continuance of an important type of park as our state park agency did with the state heritage program.

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It should not get away with this dereliction of duty and tradition. New York , state heritage area.

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View of Erie Canal, lock Photo by flickr user sailorbill. It is hard to underestimate how transformational its creation was to the nation. Little of that potential has been realized. The Erie Canal is threatened every time a Thruway toll increase is proposed. I thought Pataki would jump at a project that would benefit traditionally Republican upstate New York, but Thruway interests killed it.

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The results were small steps forward for some Canal communities. The Erie Canal is not only a recreational asset; it symbolizes a dynamic state that opened commerce to the Great Lakes.

Environmental Management - NYS Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation

It sparked the development of upstate cities and allowed New York City to become a world-class city. The Erie Canal bicentennial should have a national series of events. Some of the historic steps that led to the building of the Erie Canal have already had their th anniversary. Time is running out to launch the commemoration of the canal we deserve. This article originally appeared in the Albany Times Union on November 8, Sign up for Observer Newsletter Email:.

By Paul M. This article originally appeared in the Albany Times Union in November Existing Conditions Documentation Engineer. Retainer Contract for Archaeological Services.

Historic Facilities Maintenance Technician. Program Manager, Heritage Preservation Services. Research Architectural Historian - Seasonal. Section Compliance Manager-Built Environment. Project Development Coordinator for Capital Archives. Architectural Reviewer and Tax Incentive Specialist. Architectural Historian - Historic Sites Specialist. Collections Assistant Part-Time, Temporary. Historic Preservation Review Support contract position.

Facilities and Landscape Manager Job Description. Cultural Resources Program Support Specialist.

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Administrator-Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission. Architectural Historian Virginia or Delaware. Environmental Review Specialist Section Project Manager, Historic Preservation Specialist. Associate Environmental Planner - Archaeologist. Capital Grants Administrator Contractual.

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Preservation Design Partnership Architectural Fellowship. Professional Anthropologist, Archaeologist or Historian. Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Assistant Curator of History and Exhibitions. Regional Reviewer Project Design Assistant. Easement Processor - Part-Time, Contractual.