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Sammy goes back on the street as a patrol officer and, as he tells Sal, it becomes clear he wishes to avenge his partner's death. Lydia's integrity comes into question when photos of the celebrity's crime scene are leaked to the press. John disobeys his commander's assignment to the celebrity murder and takes another radio call-out, with surprising consequences. Allison Anders.

Woman killed in car crash on Nepean Highway near Southland shopping centre

While suspended over the leaked crime scene photos, Lydia bonds with a man slowly dying of injuries sustained when he witnessed a shootout. Sammy worries that his relationship with Nate's widow has become too close. Cooper's frustrations over an abandoned trailer that's become a haven for drug users and prostitutes leads him to take direct action. Sammy is unable to identify a suspect in Nate's murder and turns to Tammi for comfort. Chickie is haunted by a high-speed chase when Dewey accidentally hits a pedestrian.

Russell confesses to Lydia that he sold the photos and she breaks off her friendship with him. Lydia and Josie have their hands full while watching an important witness before a murder trial. John and Ben help a malnourished boy believed to be abused by a neighborhood child molester. Sammy tracks down Nate's killer and plans to take him to the desert. But when he gets back, Nate's wife Mariella Yara Martinez decides to leave town for good.

Cooper's back problems continue to worsen and begin to interfere with his job performance to Ben's anger and concern. Adams and Ochoa are assigned to a murder case where a family becomes caught in the crossfire of the investigation. Later in the day, they are confronted with a mad gunman on a rampage in a factory. Lydia begins dating again, but an awkward discovery about her date is made.

Ben faces his final day of probation and has to deal with Cooper's addiction to painkillers. Adams and Ochoa try to track down a sexual deviant who fled from his van following a pursuit and collision. Ochoa finds out that Adams has begun dating her son Maurice Compte , a patrol officer 8 years her junior, making her question if she can continue to work with Adams. Sammy is assigned a new partner, Det. After seeing the birth of his son, Sammy asks Sal to transfer him to patrol so he can help train new officers. In the end, Sammy and Ben become partners. They respond to a runaway vehicle and a suicide attempt at a factory.

Ben and Sammy pursue gang members in the midst of a shootout through a neighborhood and school, and Ben takes issue with the way the crime scene is handled by Officer Danny Ferguson Lou Diamond Phillips. Later, Ben is in foot pursuit of an attempted rape suspect when the suspect is hit by a truck. Ben and Danny debate giving first aid to the suspect. Lydia has a former confidential informant show up requesting to be relocated.

Lydia takes no pity on her circumstances and tells her to return to Lancaster. The informant is later found dead at the beach. A man walks into the police station with a gun and the ensuing shootout leaves Ferguson and other officers wounded. Lydia and Ruben Dorian Missick investigate a convenience store murder, and Lydia uses her typical compassionate charm to collect facts on her suspect from an unassuming grandmother Marla Gibbs.

Ben and Sammy ride with another officer who is prone to small mistakes. Joel Rucker Carl Lumbly takes over as the new captain. Jason Horwitch. Sammy lets old grudges die hard when he leaves a gang territory unattended, only to have a violent gang war erupt throughout the city. Ben's recent mistake continues to haunt him everywhere he goes. Cooper and Tang investigate a robbery in a strict Orthodox Jewish home, leading Tang to reveal parts of her past.

Man arrested, charged with attempted murder after carjacking at Southland Mall, police say | FOX13

Tang tries to help a homeless vet get an ID so he will be admitted to a homeless shelter. The situation opens John's eyes to his partner's past. Sammy is determined to save a dog after he accidentally shoots it in the leg. Lydia and Ruben investigate the murder of a man who lent a helping hand to women in need.

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Ben and Lydia each face big life changes. John tries to save a suicidal teen in a situation that hits extremely close to home. Sammy convinces a former addict to be an informant, with devastating consequences.

Episode 406 Preview 2 - Southland - TNT

Tang gets a visit from someone in her past. Lydia and Ruben investigate a supposed home invasion that appears to have been staged to cover up murder. Sammy tries to make amends after the murder of a young man who agreed to testify in one of his cases. John and Tang find themselves babysitting a documentary film crew. Lydia is ordered to put on her uniform and serve as shift supervisor for the day, but the job could be more than her body is able to handle.

Things just go from bad to worse when Jessica is served legal papers in the morning and involved in a shooting in the evening. Sammy holds a grudge against Ben for not backing him up over drug evidence that may have been planted during an arrest. Lydia comes to a decision about her situation. Guy Norman Bee. Lydia and Ruben investigate the death of a young nanny, but first they have to find the kids who were in her care. Ben tries to intervene in the life of a prostitute with a daughter, but his efforts only make things worse.

And while Tang gets an update about the boy she shot, John still wants her to come clean about what really happened. Ben's day goes from bad to worse as past actions come back to haunt him. Cooper and Tang are called in by FID again and Adams finds herself caught in an extremely dangerous situation that may have more of an effect on her than first thought.

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Cooper saves Tang from getting shot and Tang is promoted to Sergeant and watch commander. Ideals clash as John Cooper trains a new rookie officer, a military veteran who served in Afghanistan.

Detective Lydia Adams struggles to care for her newly born child while simultaneously maintaining a grip on her job, leaving Christopher in her mother's hands while she contemplates informing the father of his baby's birth. Officer Sammy Bryant continues his custody battle over his son with his ex-wife, frustrating him as Tammy uses unconventional methods to win.

Officer Ben Sherman is awarded the medal of valor under dubious circumstances, and is letting the commendation go to his head while on the job, as well as bringing Ben into the company of some officers with very dangerous attitudes. Daniel Sackheim. Tensions are high after a drive-by shooting wounds a fellow officer, Officer David Mendoza, resulting in some unconventional investigation by Officer Ben Sherman, resulting in some drastic consequences that may not have been worth the end result of the investigation.

Officer John Cooper and his new trainee continue to clash, until a sudden, violent event finally puts an end to the internal conflict.

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Detective Lydia Adams investigates the death of a man whose body is found in the mountains, and immediately suspects the wife, who is a professional boxer. Upon closing the case, however, a tragedy hits that will change Detective Adams' life forever. Aaron Rahsaan Thomas. Faced with the recent and sudden departure of his latest rookie officer, Officer John Cooper refuses to train a new boot.