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And here is the moment where she decides to keep it. The first six books that come up have been published by Christian presses and, based on their descriptions, are clearly anti-choice. These stories imply that after ending a pregnancy, one will have trauma and will require redemption.

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After combing Google, scouring bookstore sites, and asking groups of nonfiction writers online and in-person, I have found a total of four books in which a pro-choice author devotes the whole story to her pregnancy, abortion, and its aftermath. Let me repeat: after much searching, I found four, all published in the past decade.

Why is this the case? Why are these stories still so untold in contemporary nonfiction? No one has heard of it. How the hell did you find my book? Ptacin sensed a cop-out. And we need these books. They provide empathy.

10 Books About Abusive Relationships

And until all these stories come out and we have a variety of them, abortion is going to be stereotyped. Magazine , yet the phrasing here is problematic. Ptacin ended a wanted pregnancy because of severe fetal abnormalities in her second trimester. Did she not also lose a child?

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Are authors who write about their history of substance abuse told their stories need to be about more? Are authors who write memoirs about a struggle with cancer told this? Or authors who write about the loss of a child who has been born? Why are publishers ready to publish true stories of alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, and illness, but not unplanned pregnancy and abortion? Nearly half of all U. One in four women in America will terminate a pregnancy by age Those women—women like me—often search for solace and guidance in the true stories of authors.

But our searches often turn up empty and we are left feeling alone. I was enraged with myself for getting pregnant.

I did not understand until much later, when I began to volunteer as an abortion doula, how incredibly common this was and that there was no need to feel shame. As a doula, I watched women walk into and out of procedure rooms for hours on end, day after day. College students chatting about classes.

Moms with little kids at home. Teenagers and older people.

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Meeting and supporting them taught me firsthand how many people experience this. Hers was a complicated and difficult situation.

But now, I can relate and can feel what she felt; I can empathize and feel her as a companion. The book alternates between present day and the childhood of June, a mixed race child now growing up in a white family. She suffers psychological and physical abuse from her vindictive stepmother and her stepsister, who acts as accomplice, while her biological father remains none the wiser. Desperate for a respite, she finds a friend in Blister and his family.

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Appleton tells her story of what happened when she impulsively left everything to live in Thailand. She unpacks what caused her to leave abruptly, how relationships within her family affected how she was raised, how she felt suffocated in a small town, and what happened one night in Bangkok that changed her entire life. Terese grew up with a fairly traumatizing childhood on the Seabird Island Indian Reservation.

Now an adult, she is facing a dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. As she enters therapy, she is given a notebook and told to start writing, thus, this memoir was born. Warama flees Kenya for the United States in the hopes of finding a better life, one where she has a voice and women are respected.

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