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Normal scans too. So far life is good. I had a triple at 47 and am now Just had a problem when I was out walking. Ended up in the hospital, no heart attack, but I needed a stent in the main artery. I had quadruple heart bypass surgery 15 years ago at age 60 so you are an inspiration to me. I am doing ok now and want to go for your record of 22 years. That is awesome. I see a cardiologist once a year and have an echocardiogram each year or every other year depending on what the cardio doc thinks.

I am on my third cardiologist as we have moved around in retirement and they have all been easy to talk to and I feel like have given me good advise. I take blood pressure meds, the same ones I have been on for nearly 20 years now, stating drugs for 15 years now and a low dose aspirin. No changes in my medications so they are all generic now and affordable.

Do you follow a diet or just eat what you want? Do you exercise? Thank you for your posts.

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Two months ago today I had quadruple bypass at age When I asked the surgeon about my life expectancy since the surgery he said the bypasses should last 10 years. When I asked about after that, he just raised his shoulders. I was feeling quite low, expecting only another 10 years of enjoying my grandkids.

I do have a question I have not seen addressed….. Sometimes I remember them very specifically, sometimes only vaguely.

Cardiac Procedures and Surgeries

But they always leave me with a very unsettling feeling. Anyone else experience this? Any idea how long this may last? Again thank you for your encouraging posts. With regards to the 10 years, the main bypass on the front of the heart, the LIMA is known to last a lot longer and it is the most important. I had the CABG x2 done. It was the best option.

They did the LIMA procedure as well. The first 6 weeks or so sucked but got better after cardiac rehab. I had what they describe as a silent heart attack. I had no definite symptoms and hey found the blockage with a hear cath. I also happen to have a great cadiothorasic surgeon and cardiologist. But the frustrating part about reading these wonderful comments are the acronyms. Start with an evaluation and likely some form of stress testing to determine presence and severity of disease. Never had deart attack. I am out of town, experiencing what I call unstable angina, very uncomfortable.

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Dissipates while walking on tredmill. I am 76, will a stent help. I am on medications since my triple bypass surgery 9 years ago. How long do I have just on medication treatments? My father had triple bypass in he is doing good but still have little chest pain but what i worry the most is that can it get clogged again … i hear people saying about its survival rate which gives too much stress i am from india. Hi…I just lost my dad a couple of weeks ago.

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He had bypass surgery done back in According to this artile, 10 years would have meant that we would have lost him in Cannot express how important it is for him to take his meds daily and on time!!!!!! My husband underwent a triple bypass on the 6th of September , and was discharged from the clinic on the 12th of September. The surgeon chose to perform an SVG; the vein in question was removed from his right leg the incision runs from the ankle to the upper thigh.

I was therefore taken aback when his surgeon insisted upon utilising the SVG method, and using a vein from one of his damaged legs. It is important to note that the surgery was not an emergency, but was performed on the 6th of September , a full five days after my husband was admitted to the clinic on the 1st of September the day of his heart attack.

See if you can get the operation report, typically they will use the LIMA, then use the SVG for the other grafts, i am almost certain that is what you will find. I had a triple bypass in Glasgow in and have been in excellent health since now at 78 this week I feel very lucky indeed Dr saidI probably had hereditary cholesterol problems. No problems since. Contact office and set up cardiac catheterization. Looks like 1st letter before 4x bypass.

What happened?

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What is the inferior wall of heart? Been takeing med. Sir and Ladies, I am an 82 year old male with a family history of hear disease.

Stories of the Heart: Coronary Artery Bypass

Father 53 years old heart attack did not survive, brother 48 years old heart attack did not survive, brother fifty six heart attack after primitive by-pass did not survive. Brother age 85 no apparent heart disease. Myself by-pass surgery 25 years ago. The cardiologist said no surgery too dangerous. Treatment with meds and Raneska mg X2. What think you? It would be hard to answer without seeing the images to be honest.

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What was the reason for heart cath? Three weeks ago, I had a heart attack followed by a stent placed in the internal mammary artery which was blocked. Does this make sense to you? If so, what lies ahead?

This really depends on a lot of factors. I would have to see your cath films to comment usefully. In that case LIMA-LAD bypass surgery with other grafts as required can be an excellent long term option if recommended by a specialist. If you are interested in information and therapy for heart disease then feel free to follow my twitter at MustafaAhmedMD. My dad is year-old and has to have bypass heart surgery Monday how dangerous is it for him he has few block and going to st,Vincent in Birmingham im worried is it a safe operations.

Hi Jeff, Heart surgery is a big deal to be taken very seriously.

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After Cardiac Bypass Surgery - St Vincent's Heart Health

Im not familiar with that location. If there are concerns you should probably go and get an opinion from Dr. Ahmed at Princeton Baptist in Birmingham as he wrote the article! It depends on a lot of factors, i would need to know a lot of details about other illnesses, how he is in general, and what his anatomy looks like to be able to comment, in some cases redo surgery is a good option, particularly if the risk of operation is acceptable. What do you think?

I would recommend he is seen by a cardiologist prior to the procedure if possible to determine his risk if anything.

what do the trials tell us?