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That means that your 1 design file could potentially be 10 or more books for sale on the Amazon platform. Uploading designs to KDP also gives you some benefits that other print on demand platforms just do not have such as:. If you are already a POD seller, then you will probably still have some design files somewhere. You may have 10, or you may have 10, You owe it to yourself to put up some products and see how they do! You should also have an idea of how to look up what people are purchasing off Amazon.

To begin, you need to get yourself a KDP account. Alright, now that you have a KDP account, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and fill out some information before you start uploading your books. You need to fill out your author publisher information. This is just going to be your name, where your live and your phone number. You need to fill this in because this is how they are going to know who they are sending money to after you start selling! Second, fill out the payment information. You need to enter a bank account so that KDP can send you a direct deposit to your bank.

Once you start making sales, you will get a lot of emails each month for different locales you are selling in, but more on that later. Finally, fill out the tax interview. Answer the questions truthfully so that they know if they need to have any withholding on your account or not. You need to get some designs to put on your books. If you already have some print on demand design assets, you can skip this part. You have two choices when you want to get some designs, you can either create them yourself, or you can outsource them to a designer.

If you are looking to outsource to a designer, I suggest reading how to outsource designs on upwork or checking out a design service such as this. For everyone else, you probably want to create your own designs or are wondering how to get them ready to put on books and not clothing. This will allow you to add your artwork that you create and turn them into covers. If however, you are like me and have ZERO artistic ability and have a hard time using Photoshop, then you will want to check out the Book Bolt Designer.

This designer is part of the Book Bolt software and will allow you to use a drag and drop editor to download upload ready PDF book covers for this KDP method. First select a size I like to use 6X9 for most books and a page count. I generally like to use pages for each book.

This will then bring up the designer template where you can create your artwork:.

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Make sure that that when designing your book you add a background color. As you can see, I now have a book cover design that is ready to download. Finally, we need a low content interior. I suggest starting out with journal pages or college ruled paper these are just lined pages. Log back in to your KDP account that you signed up to in the beginning of this guide.

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You will see a place to create a new title. You can select Kindle ebook or Paperback. After you select the paperback option, you have 3 tabs to fill out.

On the first page, select English as the language as the majority of your sales are going to come from Amazon. The second box is going to ask you for a book title and sub title. The book title MUST match what the cover of your book has on it. If it does not, the KDP reviewers will deny the book. Match up the book title exactly, and then add in a subtitle that is SIMPLE and to the point do not keyword stuff anything here.

In the next boxes you have the option to fill out a series and edition number. Skip these! Your no content book does not have any of these and you can also skip the contributor section since you do not have one. You will need to add an author to your low content book.

Kindle Publishing: How to Make $4,000 in Six Months

These are going to be your brand and can be whatever you want them to be. They do not need to be your full name. You will want to add a description for your book but do not go overboard here.

Just give a simple description of who the book would be good for and leave it at that. You want to keep it simple because this is not the place to add keywords. Next, make sure you have the radio button that says you own the copyright and hold the rights for publishing. If you created the design or had it created, then you should be selecting this radio button.

Finally, you get to a section to add keywords. KDP suggests that you do not use the same keywords here that you use in your title when you were filling out your book details. I like to fill the keyword boxes ALL the way with keywords from other hot sellers in the niche. You can see these keywords inside of Book Bolt or you can take a look at Amazon and filter out all of the other products. Select that your book does not include adult content most likely it does not and then pick a category for your book.

Then, click on the save and continue button. You can then decide to add a publication date. Unless your book has a color interior, do NOT pick this option as it will make your book incredible expensive. You can select between white paper or cream paper. This comes down to personal preference but does not affect your book at all.

I always go with white paper. Next, select the trim size for your book. If you are following this guide and selected 6X9, then you will want to make sure that you pick that exact trim size inside of KDP.

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Select a bleed setting. If you are using the free templates, select Bleed. This will depend on what templates you are using but make sure that you match this up with your interior template. Finally, pick matte or glossy. Every little detail of this business I teach in my own program, but you can only go into so much detail in a blog post. Yes that is the best way. I like to give my writers an outline of what to write about, points to cover, how many chapters sometimes, the length, etc etc. Very nicely written article, covers all aspects of Kindle publishing business.

Thanks for publishing this Sean and Adrian! I also think that this should reach more people, so I tweeted it. Thanks again! Cheers, Shiv. I agree with everyone else about quality for the prices quoted. However, my big concern and main problem has always been marketing of a book after publishing on Amazon.

I have yet to find a good answer. Lots of people mention Fiverr, FB groups, etc. Great questions.

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Simple as that. If you have a Create Space book and audio book as well then your profit can be larger. Also there is now Amazon pay per click advertising for books. Anyway, like I said in the article, I focus on free promotion techniques or at most a fiverr gig Amazon PPC is whole other subject. People just too often neglect the keywords.

Even without an email list, if you do all the things above you can launch a book very successfully. But if you want to go down the paid ads route, then yes you can sometimes expect to lose, break even or even cost you money.

What's the Best Self Publishing Course on the Market?

Do you mean translating your own books that are in English into another language? Or do you mean starting a blog offering this as a service? Copyright as I wrote above in a previous comment is very important. Very good information.

I am a person, who is bit careful in spending money. So, I am writing the small books myself to learn the trade myself as I belief in knowing what your doing. Once you know how to run the business it will be better to outsource the work as you dont want to be let down by the people. Thank you.