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Most wedding packages have a set formula and only offer small variations for personalisation. However, due to the amount of weddings organised this way each year, you should be guaranteed to receive a professional service and a tried-and-tested package. If you book a wedding package abroad, your wedding ceremony and reception will usually take place in the same hotel or resort.

Most travel companies have affiliations with a variety of hotels in each area and you can choose the package that best suits your requirements. Hiring a Wedding Planner for an Overseas Wedding. While the idea of using a wedding planner might sound expensive, it could actually help you save money when compared to organising the wedding yourself. This gives them the advantage of knowing a particular area very well. A wedding planner will also take the time to personally get to know you and your partner and what it is that you require. Often, wedding planners will also offer additional services such as organising extra activities.

Many will charge a flat fee for their services, which is usually determined by the number of guests you plan to have.

2. Decide on tailor-made or one-size-fits all

Other wedding planners will charge a percentage of the total cost of your wedding. The beautiful thing about going it alone means that you have complete autonomy; every detail is down to you. Not only will you have a load of fun organising your wedding abroad and have an immense feeling of satisfaction once the day arrives, you may also save money on the costs of using a wedding planner or tour operator, too.

If you are prepared to put in the time and effort and do your research thoroughly, you will certainly be well rewarded. Your guests will wonder how you managed to organise such a spectacular wedding so far from home!

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Here is a list of things to be aware of before you start:. Tips for Getting Married Abroad.

Below are a list of useful tips that will help you rationalise the situation and get the best of out of planning a destination wedding:. Check out what the weather will be like at your preferred time of year, what accommodation is on offer, what the local culture is like, and what the legalities are for getting married there. Not only should you consider how much the wedding and travel will cost for you , but you need to think about what your guests will be forced to fork out. While your guest list is likely to be much smaller than if you were to have a wedding at home, exuberant travel and accommodation costs may prevent certain guests from attending.

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Accessibility will play a major role in how easy it is to organise the wedding and the ensuing cost of transporting things. It can also have an impact on the number of guests that are able to attend, as well as how easy it is to have just what it is you want in terms of things such as catering and venue hire. Plan, plan and plan again! Being fully prepared in good time is the key to success with a wedding abroad.

Failure to fully prepare early could leave you open to errors, with little time to fix them. Planning a wedding abroad can be crazy good fun, but remembering every minor detail can get overwhelming. The site uses cookies to improve our website and make our online services work better for you, and by continuing you accept this. I would highly recommend it!

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Plan a visit in your chosen destination prior to booking your venue where possible, of course! All the lovely description and photos of your preferred venues have made you dreamy but at the end, it may not be what you envisioned! If going abroad beforehand is not an option for you, then your wedding planner will gladly accept to check this out on your behalf. Imagine having your granny at your wedding, for a certain length of time, outside in the sun at peak hours.

Not ideal, right! Oh yes, believe me, the weather is so unpredictable, even in the sunniest locations there are still possibility of showers, that having an indoor space just in case of rain, is a good idea.


How to plan a wedding abroad

In some countries, you have an entertainment tax of a few hundred euros for playing music, which can vary by region. Some places will have a local stay tax of a few euros per person, per night. Or for example, if having the wedding cake-cutting in the gardens, by the swimming pool or on the beach, a venue may charge extra for the set-up.

Some venues for instance in some regions of France may ask for the couple to avail of a Civil Insurance to host any event.

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So again, the knowledge of a Wedding Planner would be very helpful, to ensure you have no hidden costs that come along the way. If you are relaxed, your guests will be relaxed! Planning your wedding generally only happens once hopefully! Things might not go as planned, and if that happens, stay calm and carry on. When you are in a foreign country, you take the risk that your expectations might not be met. I hope you found some of the above tips and suggestions useful to help you plan your perfect destination wedding.

Thanks, Edith. January 18, Research Local Marriage Requirements Tying the knot in a different country can be complicated. Start Planning Early and Take Care of Your Guests Destination weddings can be exciting but it is also a big commitment for your guests. All these little thoughtful things are what will make your wedding so memorable for your guests!

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