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Make sure you take time off during the day, for example for walking and lunch breaks. Then, when you return to whatever it is you were doing, you will find yourself more refreshed and ready to work. To get the most out of rest, we also need to find the best time to take a break. Were you ever in the middle of a difficult problem, had to step away, and when you came back the solution seemed obvious? I know I have. Sometimes, we need to give our brains some downtime at the right moment to find the best answers. Rather than overextending yourself trying to figure something out, take a break.

In one study , researchers asked a group of students to come up with the most uses of a piece of paper as possible. One group worked on the problem for the allotted time uninterrupted, while the other was asked to stop and do something else for a while before coming back to the original task. The group who was interrupted proved to be far more creative with the paper than the other. This shows how useful it is to stop and take a break before returning to a problem.

When we stop working, our brain can still process our task.

The Science of Rest and The Effects of Summer Hours

Deep play is any enjoyable activity that immerses the mind and connects us to our past. Few people know this, but Churchill enjoyed oil painting in his downtime. He found the art therapeutic and even said it came to his rescue in a very dark time. The reason deep play is so powerful at recharging our brain is it provides us with relief. This allows us to enjoy ourselves and revel in details while being creative. We can practice deep play in plenty of other hobbies, such as rock climbing, meditating , or cooking.

Follow the example of one of the most influential leaders of all time: deliberately make time to enjoy yourself. Your mind will thank you for it. Rest is an original review of the benefits of taking a time-out from the daily grind. Pang goes against traditional thought patterns about work ethic to help us understand what will really help us accomplish higher quality work in less time.

Do you think REST is easier to use than SOAP?

The year-old office worker who is burnt out, a year-old father who struggles to take time for his family, and anyone who wants to become more efficient at their job. The Rise Summary.

REST (REpresentational State Transfer)

Salt: A World History Summary. Pang has written a delightful and thought-provoking book on the science of restful living. From the Happinez Festival, September A couple months ago I was invited to be part of a speaker series at a new place called BlakeSt. Part of it is the home of Betty Blake, who went on to marry Will Rogers. The expansion is completely seamless, the beautifully executed. One of the striking things about the place is that while the exterior just looks like a really nice, big house— and in this respect it fits right into the area and really respects its location— the interior is a riot of really, really good art.

The staircase leading up to the second floor has a bunch of photographic portraits, including one of the only photographs of Abraham Lincoln, and an amazing picture of Biggie Smalls. Of course, the Walton family is known for its art collecting: the Crystal Bridges Museum is the most prominent example, but there are tons of Walton-sponsored art projects and collections.

It also has a truly spectacular music room, which an incredible JBL Paragon D speaker from the s, photographs of rock icons, and a pretty good collection of vinyl records and a fabulous turntable. Van Halen really sounds amazing through the system. And because of the curious demographics of Bentonville about which more below , the crowd was really smart and engaged— they came for active rest, really got into the activities, and asked great and thoughtful questions after the talk.

Bentonville though, is really fascinating. I spent part of my childhood in a small town in Virginia, and I keep thinking that Bentonville is a great example of what a small Southern town can become with good-old fashioned grit, determination, American optimism, and tens of billions of dollars. In most places, new money just steamrolls the past.

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Think of most Chinese cities, where historic buildings just get crushed by new money. For example, Bentonville has some also some terrific mural work. But you really have to wait until dark to appreciate the most interesting art installations: the awesome neon art all over downtown. Many of them are art works by Roadhouse Relics founder Todd Sanders , one of the leading neon Pop artists working today.

The town is also super-clean, there are nice little parks and playgrounds everywhere, and the Bentonville fire station seems to double as a vintage fire engine museum. As a result, you get these crazy juxtapositions. One morning I had an espresso at Onyx Coffee Lab. So that was kinda weird.

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But Onyx is across the street from the Flying Fish , a diner-style place serving fried catfish and crawdads. But given my own experience— growing up in the South, living in Silicon Valley, working all over the world— I really love it. And you could make the case that beautiful modern-yet-traditional Bentonville is polished with the rags of all those small town businesses that Wal Mart has eviscerated over the last several decades— that the lovely town is a monument to an enormous transfer of wealth driven by a rapacious business model and ruthless corporation. Very unexpectedly, Bentonville has the feel of a social democracy.

See a Problem?

No one is really innocent writes the man who got his start in life with a college scholarship from a tobacco company. The question is what people who are lucky enough to have or to have inherited wealth and power do with it. Likewise, Tokyo and Seoul are always fascinating. But I look forward to seeing what happens next in Bentonville, and where it goes. It is a question that parents the world over struggle with: how to prise children away from their smartphones?

One Indonesian city believes that the answer is to give youngsters chicks to raise. So I was just in BlakeSt. I recorded a little 1-minute video about books in their library that I like.

go here Technological innovation through machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence is likely to automate many tasks and jobs, thus improving productivity, freeing time, and allowing fewer workers to do more. Technological innovation presents an opportunity to rethink the distribution of time spent on paid and unpaid work, tackle the inequality in the division of domestic and care work between women and men, and provide time for upskilling and lifelong learning needed to benefit from future opportunities.

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This first section of this report presents analysis on why work hours matter to gender equality, and what role time-related policies may play in reducing gender inequality, and more generally, social and economic inequality. Inequality in paid and unpaid time has remained particularly stark between mothers and fathers. The report then highlights the growing inequality between those who work a lot and those who work intermittently, part-time, or part-year. In addition, the analysis shows that this polarization in paid time at work is increasingly exacerbating racial inequalities.

The second section of the report focuses on changes in the quality of time at work and workforce policies around scheduling, location, and paid time off.

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The report ends with recommendations to achieve a healthier and more equal distribution of hours worked. The knock-on effects— lower promotion rates for professional women, lower rates of involvement by fathers who overwork, etc. Anyway, the study is useful as another data-point in why we need a shorter workweek, and why it will have a disproportionate benefit for working women. Its aim is not weight-loss for image-sake. Wellbeing is a way of life. When well-informed, with an open-mind and with life lessons at our finger-tips, we can all live a happy, healthy and more inspired life.

Welcome to Life Lessons. A weekend of big talks from big thinkers. Where we dare to dream of a better future. Watch this space for more updates. Cockroach Labs, where they have a 4-day week. Business Insider has another article about the 4-day workweek that casts shorter working hours not incorrectly as efforts to give people a chance to disconnect from work, and to reduce burnout:.

While the four-day workweek is still far from common, it certainly seems to be growing in popularity. In that respect the coverage is a bit more like those articles about CEOs who wake up at 4 am, and get more done by 7 than the rest of us do all day. Knowledge workers of the world, unplug! Brunswick Centre, London. The digital tools that have become so ubiquitous in our lives and work really are pretty new.