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Some parental assistance will likely be required for understanding the concepts of these apps, so they are both great options for when you want to sit down and work with your toddler on the essentials of numbers and letters. WML Recommended Age: 2. WML Recommended Age: 2—3.

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This one is pure fun! They have so many, it was hard to choose just one, but we found Puppy Preschool to be the most educational. We loved the way this app encouraged kids to free play and explore as well — teaching them how to appropriately manipulate objects with the tablet screen. OK , before you get scared off by some of the prices for these full apps, let us say that we were pretty skeptical going into our testing that they would ever warrant such an investment.

But by the second or third trial, our toddlers were literally giggling and clapping to themselves as they completed each challenge. Try the free version and stick with it! In addition to Numbers, we have nothing but love for Alphabet, Wordplay, Reader and Spanish — all also made by Endless.

Wifi Needed? Wifi is not needed once app has downloaded new material, but if you want to pull in more numbers, letters or words, be sure to log on to WiFi and download them before you go anywhere! The simplicity of this game allows the child to truly hone in on the subject, and our test toddlers loved watching the silly looking fish swim around to form letters and numbers. We toiled with whether this app should be in the top ten list. However, we felt it was so unique that we just had to mention it as an option for imaginative toddler play.

These LilGadgets headphones are super comfy and specially made to fit children aged 2—8. The volume is limited to the max safe level for children, and they can fold up to fit in the accompanying microfiber carrying pouch for easy travel and storage. Just let us know where to send all your goodies! About the Author: Meghan Papp Meghan is an Advertising Exec turned Mommy who is currently living in the Netherlands with her two-year-old daughter and husband.

She is a proud military spouse who craves stability, a clean freak who hates cleaning, and a planner whose New Year's resolution is to live in the moment. Great list! The Top 10 And now, we would like to present our tried and true list of the best educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers, presented in no particular order:. Avokiddo ABC Ride Avokiddo ABC Ride takes your child on an exciting adventure through the alphabet — with tons of interactive fun that will keep them thoroughly engaged.

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Bugs and Buttons Between the gorgeous animation and the accompanying music, this game was an absolute blast for our test subjects and their parents too! At this price free! Tongo Music We toiled with whether this app should be in the top ten list. So there you have it.

Your very own toddler emergency app list that will not only entertain your little, but teach them something too.

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Mobile App Performance and Security Testing:. Gone are the days when the telephone used to be an appliance that sat in a corner and had to ring to get our attention or a computer was a machine only a few people used — they are now an extension of our being- a window to the world and virtual servants that do as they are told. Nowadays, Mobility solutions have taken over the market.

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Hence the mobile solutions which we deliver to our clients should be tested very well. This tutorial is intended for those people who are already in mobile testing or those who have switched to it in recent times. As we already have many tutorials on definitions of mobile testing related terminologies, we will be directly dealing with the scope of this tutorial. This tutorial will be both an introduction and your guide to Mobile Testing. So, read through!

The device including the internal processors, internal hardware, screen sizes, resolution, space or memory, camera, radio, Bluetooth, WIFI etc. The applications that work on mobile devices and their functionality are tested. Even in mobile applications, there are few basic differences that are important to understanding:. Testing applications on mobile devices is more challenging than testing web apps on the desktop due to.

As with any application, Mobile application testing is also very important, as the clientele is usually in millions for a certain product — and a product with bugs is never appreciated. It often results in monetary losses, legal issue, and irreparable brand image damage. To address all the above technical aspects, the following types of testing are performed on Mobile applications. The Test strategy should make sure that all the quality and performance guidelines are met.

A few pointers in this area:. This decision mostly relies on the clients.

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The client or the app builders consider the popularity factor of certain devices as well as the marketing needs for the application to decide what handsets to use for testing. The emulator is a system that runs software from one environment to another environment without changing the software itself. It duplicates the features and works on the real system. Kobiton is an affordable and highly flexible cloud-based mobile experience platform that accelerates the testing and delivery of native, web and hybrid apps on both Android and iOS using real devices.

Their new scriptless test automation helps the teams with no coding expertise to generate open standard Appium scripts with ease. MobiReady — With this, not only can we test the web app, we can also check the code. Responsivepx — It checks the responses of the web pages, appearances, and functionality of the websites. Screenfly — It is a customizable tool and used to test websites under different categories. For testing purposes, it creates the web-based mobile environment on a simulator to access the mobile app.

Manual testing. Object-based mobile testing tools — automation by mapping elements on the device screen into objects. This approach is independent of screen size and mainly used for Android devices. Image-based mobile testing tools — create automation scripts based on screen coordinates of elements. In addition to functionality based test cases, Mobile application testing requires special test cases which should cover following scenarios.

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The scope of the testing depends on a number of requirements to be checked or the extent of changes made to the app. If the changes are few, a round of sanity testing will do. An example application testing project : ILL International Learn Lab is an application designed to help admin, publisher to create websites in collaboration.

Using a web browser, instructors choose from a set of features to create a class that meets their requirements. Step 1. We need to do usability, functional and compatibility testing on different browsers with the combinations of manual and automation test cases. Step 2. Manual and Automated testing: The methodology followed for this project is Agile with the iteration of two weeks.

Every two weeks dev. Automation team creates scripts for the set of basic functionality and runs the scripts that help determine if the new build is stable enough to test. The Manual testing team will test the new functionality. Once the iteration gets over, iteration planning meeting held where dev.

The team, product owner, business analyst, and QA team discuss what went well and what needs to improve. Step 3. User Acceptance Testing is done by the client. They re-verify all the bugs to make sure every bug was fixed and the application is working as expected on every approved browser.

Step 4.