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They have the potential of being complementary and supportive of each other, which starts with understanding. They understand thousands of facets and dimensions of relationships, and consider them all at the same time, including all the nuances of personal and interpersonal relationships, expectations of social and interpersonal decorum, etc.

Why Are Women So Emotional?

And this ability is built right into their energetic DNA. I listen, stunned, my head swimming, trying to comprehend all that John was saying. He laughs. However, these differences must be understood and accepted. As a result, he might get angry and frustrated, or try to shut down the conversation. She wants to establish a clear, trustworthy and shared understanding of the situation that they can both work from and negotiate from. Men can learn this language, but they have a hard time keeping up.

Men process information one bit at a time. Without knowing it, women naturally communicate more emotional and relationship information than men can readily and constructively process. My mind was reeling, but curious. I felt a bit overloaded — sort of like talking to my woman.

I asked him to give me a specific example, hoping that it would pull my thoughts back together.

Understanding Differences

What can we do to bring more of it in? She gets incredibly hurt, and thinks of him as some kind of brutish jerk for being so insensitive. He gets completely confused. He thought it was a great way to bring up a difficult conversation. He was being kind and straightforward.

Do women experience negative emotions differently than men? | UdeMNouvelles

You have to change in order to be worthy of my love and approval. I might as well just give up, or die. Her intellect is off-line for all practical purposes. Her identity as a loving woman has been questioned, put on trial, and found wanting. What do you suggest? John looks at me with a mixture of compassion and pity. The first step for the man is to really understand how differently women process emotional information.

Feel what it will feel like for her to hear what you have to say. Feel the impact on her emotional body. Then spend time thinking about how you might be able to buffer the communication so your partner can receive it. Have an objective third person there with you, such as a friend or therapist. Or specify rules of engagement in advance. Create structures for communication safety. They try hard to replace and over-write past memories of hurts and discomforts.

Their complex emotional process is truly a miracle, an intuitive marvel.

But when they get triggered, all those emotional memories can come up automatically. The solution is for both men and women to proactively disassemble the non-helpful elements of their communication and emotional processes, and to constructively shift their communication system so that they no longer interact in ways that produce pain in the first place.

John laughs. They see their process as a very empowering thing. It serves them. In its positive form, it helps them remember, understand and manage all the various aspects of all their relationships. Both men and women get themselves all tied up unnecessarily, and too often, they use it to blame the other person. It takes some work to become conscious, but it can be accomplished.

What can we do, as men, to start disassembling those non-helpful elements? With his partner, Carista Luminare, Ph.

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I have known that there are differences. This article is somewhat helpful in the processes but it does not address the level of honesty from a partner, or the amount of solid, non-emotional expression of information and a willingness of the woman to allow or join the process. WORDS are very important here.

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I now have just enough information to get my ass kicked by the psychology. Exactly, Rodney. Many women do this for Leverage. A lot gets written about how women are more able to multi-task.

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And most of it never happens. Ojo, that he can help me bring my husband back to me.


This is certainly a phenomenal piece! This article accurately deconstructs the cause of the gap which comes with having a shared understanding between men and women in a heterosexual relationship. We would have all known that we are different, but the majority have not been taught just how these differences allow us to process information differently, and in return to express different reactions from similar experiences.

Indeed this piece is therapeutic! We too as men become as good as we can bond with our spouses through informed understanding. I feel greatly modified by this piece. The beneficiary is my wife. Thanks Goodman. You are trying to say woman are more intelligent than men. I cant agree with most stuff here. Yes this was an attempt to pedestalize women and remind us of the cathedral doctrine that they are superior to men. The rest was secondary.

There are a lot of different ways that you can learn about women. Understanding them, however, is something that takes some people a lifetime. The first thing that you should do is simple, look at what they do. Consider where they go, what they do, and what is habitual for them. This is one big great article. Its not about men understanding emotional complexities of women but it also explains the disturbances women feel when were emotionally unstable in a relationship.

The characteristics given most likely suites a strong and true woman who respects, cherishes, and who wants to have a good and long lasting relationship. Thank you! Hi, great to read. Psychology Today, 89 , 57— Fabes, R. Gender and age stereotypes of emotionality. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 17 5 , — Fischer, A. Sex differences in emotionality: Fact or stereotype? The meaning of tears: Which sex seems emotional depends on the social context. European Journal of Social Psychology, 43 6 , — Friedman, E.

ABC News. Galinsky, A.