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A flesh-eating society of vampires who rape, tortures and commit atrocities with no sense of humanity. This epic fantasy tale of retribution, battles of will and affairs of the heart are to be devoured and at the same time savored as you travel from realm to realm within its pages. Tags adventure , book , book-trailer , cannabalism , destiny-s-warriors , druid , elves , fairies , fantasy , horror , human-sacrifice , ireland , magic , novel , persia , seductress , vampire , vampires , war , warriors , and witch.

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As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. R M Putnam. Will evil magic, revenge and murder result in the Last Sacrifice or will the Dreaded Lord of Blood fulfill the prophecy? Readers of The Last Sacrifice will be spellbound by the continuing story of Lord Gwydion's offspring: his sons Cormac, Swayzie and Beltene as they encounter Donait, the daughter of Rosilda and the picture of innocence, at least on the surface.

Donait is sent by Rosilda to avenge Ragnarok and Sorcha by taking Gwydion down and overthrowing the throne. Donait, armed with a love potion that she uses liberally, affects the lives of everyone she touches, and the consequences that spiral from her meddling are dire. But they are all part of Destiny's plan Going against her orders, Donait falls in love with Owain, who believes her to be a good soul and counters his own family, killing two to defend her.

Having seduced several family members, Donait gives birth to a baby girl, Megan.

Megan grows into a beauty with a warrior's heart and dreams of joining the Fianna. When she comes of age and is denied membership, all hell breaks loose Cormac tries to protect her, but cannot do so at all times. When Megan meets what she feels might be her life mate, it's not at all a smooth transition and battles of blood and bone ensue. Great, deep love and bliss grow here with The Last Sacrifice, as do the hatred and venom of souls lost and betrayed. The way they entangle and intertwine throughout the novel is fascinating, and karmic lessons abound.

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The men and women in this sequel to Destiny's Warriors are beautiful and enchanting, and, utterly horrifying as the Lord of Blood, hunts down men, women and children, for the slaughter to feed his cannibalistic society. This epic tale of retribution, battles of will and affairs of the heart are to be devoured and at the same time savored as you travel from realm to realm within its pages. Path of Destruction. No Thought to Consequences. Wild With Desire.

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The Look of Death. Important Lessons. Much to Celebrate. Courage and Dishonor.

Emotional Wounds. Spawn of Evil.

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