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While dominance in battle was widely respected amongst the Sith species, the unlimited power the Dark Jedi exhibited compelled the Sith to worship them as gods. For generations, the Dark Jedi ruled Korriban, interbreeding with the native Sith until a distinction could not be made between the two. As time passed, Sith descendants learned and practiced the Dark Side of the Force until the evolved species became a powerful Empire to be reckoned with. However, this power bred division once again as Sith factions battled for supremacy.

After the Great Hyperspace War and continued internal conflict, Korriban experienced a period of abandonment. Korriban became a desolate wasteland for many years until the Great Galactic War that began a new age of prosperity under a resurgent Sith Empire. Eventually, the Sith resorted to in-fighting again and were defeated. The constant division amongst the Sith Empire led to the rise of Darth Bane, who condensed Sith teachings and eradicated all the Sith — except for one Master and one apprentice.

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This became known as the Rule of Two. Believing the Sith to be decimated, the Galactic Republic recognized the once war-torn planet of Korriban as Moraband, attempting to erase the historical atrocities of the Sith Empire. During the widespread interbreeding between Dark Jedi and native Sith, a small but proud sect of Sith warriors separated themselves from the mainstream affairs of the Empire. They believed in keeping the Sith isolated from external conflict. When the Sith were exiled from Korriban after the Great Hyperspace War , the sect traveled beyond the reaches of Wild Space and inhabited a world home to a species of wild devilish beasts.

While they maintained their pure Sith blood for decades, the Sith population was in decline. To continue their race, they began breeding with the indigenous beasts of their new home and birthed a hybrid species which was extremely powerful.

Clark Ashton Smith

As the lost tribes of the Sith expanded, they forgot of their ancient homeworld and the wars that ousted them from their home. For hundreds of years, the lost tribes of the Sith neglected their ancient call to war and conquest until the ascension of Darth Seraph, the last Sith of pure blood.

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He taught the forgotten histories of the Sith and how the Jedi stripped them of their homeland. Under a reinvigorated influence of the old teachings from his ancestors, Seraph could feel Korriban, infused with the Dark Side of the Force, calling the Sith home. He decided the time of isolation was over. Rounding off the sexy month of February Ryan and Claire put themselves through it again as they watched a sum total of 19 weeks of debauchery, all in the pleasurable company of Mickey Rourke.

This week Ryan and Claire kick off Valentine's by getting sexy, steamy, and and a little bit grimy with 's bad-touch blockbuster 50 Shades Of Grey and it's Charisma Carpenter propelled cash-in Bound.

Bernard the German: the tragic tale of Desolation Sound's giant

Why did Christian Grey never short-circuit, despite all that quim he was drowni Happy New Year! After a stressful Christmas Holiday watching films and talking rubbish, Claire and Ryan are back to watch more films and talk even more rubbish as we return back to the grind with a teenage year staple of Ryan's and a recent conversion of Claire's, 's masterstroke Sci-Fi satire Starship Troopers and it's straight in tha Claire and Ryan flex their egos by giving a final review on the year just gone.

A shameless cash grab if there ever was one. What about the worst? What about the rest of the cinematic world? Find out! Special thanks to everyone who has been i In this final classic format episode of the year, Claire and Ryan bring in YuleTide by watching s Christopher Columbus classic festive Child Mistreatment adventure 'Home Alone' and open up the last present under the tree and discovered naught but a box of used Cat Litter, with s 'Home Alone 4: Taking back the House' Is this Claire and R This week John and Hans usher in the Christmas season by ascending to the penthouse suite with 's definitely-a-Christmas-film Die Hard and then plummet out the window, screaming and flailing to the depths of rickety Anna Nichole-Smith vehicle 's actually-not-a-Christmas-film-and-barely-even-a-film-at-all Skyscraper.

Is this film as mora This week Tales From The Bargain Bin gets sexy, steamy, and keeps it in the family as we watch 's edgy teen-asshole-a-thon Cruel Intentions and its straight to DVD tasteless teen-creep-a-thon sprequel Cruel Intentions 2. Are we to believe Sebastian and Kathryn are the only people sexually active in this school? Is this an insight into Roger In this glorious episode our heroes have delved deep into the experimental and have opted to take a look at the animated world of complete rip offs, staring out with s Dreamworks animal exploitation film 'Kung-Fu Panda' and its slightly fu Who is Paul Danillo and what is his game?

I've never seen Edward Furlong and Fairuza Balk in the same room. Have you?

Racism shmacism, amiright? This week Ryan and Claire enter the 4th dimension to watch 's high-concept escape film Cube and its 's high-disappointment sequel Cube 2: Hypercube. What the heck are those buttons made of? Where, if not a Hypercube, can anyone possiby hide from Detective Simon? And for God's sake! Has anyone heard from Hugh Jackman?!? Concluding our action packed double feature, Ryan and Claire watch the most expensive film ever made by , Rambo 3, and not the most expensive film ever made by , Strike Commando 2.

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Has Claire ever been so wrong? Has Ryan's mastery of impressions ever been so disturbing? And has ther In the first part of a double bill, Ryan and Claire take on the might of both the Russian and Vietnamese armies in revenge-rampage-ridden First Blood Part 2 and its pick'n'choose Italian knock off Strike Commando, to see which of the films is more racist.

Is Claire's Sly Stallone impression her greatest feat to date? What does a ruptured duck e Tom Berenger is a cut rate Kaiser Soze. And where the fuck is Malcolm McDowell?!?! Find out her This week Claire and Ryan are finally taken out to the woods and abandoned, to take a closer look at 's Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and its 2 days before Mockbuster Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft. How many prisoners had to die so Hansel may live? And will Jeremy Renner eventually smile about it?

Will Jonah ever recover from In this episode we ride the wormhole into the abstract and compelling Donnie Darko and shoot out the other end head first into the quagmire of shit that is it's "sequel" S. Did the makers of S. Darko even watch the original? What the fuck is even going on? And what the heck was Mark Wahlberg thinking?! Find the answers to none of these q When did eating tuna become so complicated?

Tales of Desolation | This is where we go when it all stops working.

Will post-life ever get better for Paul? And whose turn is it to give Fred a rinse down?!

Psykovsky & Umber Vamber - Desolation Of Smaug

He's starting to get gross! Is this the most evil bad guy Ryan and Claire have ever faced? Why is Jack Palance blathering about spoons? What was that T This week Ryan and Claire take a look into the murky world of the great American Psycho and it's not so great and downright bizzare high school rom-com sequel American Psycho 2: All American Girl.

Who the hell commisioned this film and why was is not shot down after the first dailies review?