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To calm him down, it is explained to him that his freedom was just a dream?

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It is also a philosophical human experiment, in the manner of Caspar Hauser, questioning how free we really are in our thoughts and actions. It is the issue of free human will, which today in particular is called into question by modern scientists. View More Shows. Add a Germany Show Listing.

"ein Traum in Weiß" in English

Follow Us Facebook. Felix Dombek: thanks for the correction. We're making progress. I think I had the right ideas, and the wrong forms. Hence, the question and all answers are meaningless.

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Some of us may be good at English, but that does not mean we're clairvoyant. I decidedly disagree. The context was easy to find out with a simple Google search and while OP should definitely have stated the title and author of the poem, a whole copy-paste of material which may even be copyrighted is unnecessary that's why they don't allow complete lyrics on Wikipedia, for example.

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  7. It would have been nice to know the rest of the translation, but it is not necessary to faithfully answer the question as stated. Just assume the rest is translated literally!

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    I do agree that poetry can be intricate and that his attempt was not particularly close to the original. But the rest, no, it's totally legitimate to ask for help, especially given that he is a foreigner who tried himself. Felix: Of course the question is totally legitimate, but I decidedly disagree that the admittedly tiny burden of a Google search should be left to the answerer.

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    The How to Ask page also advises to give details and context, and to share ones own research. Well, I for one didn't even read the whole poem, I just made sure that it is indeed about love as I might have seen from OP's suggestion and went on to translate I think the best thing would be that everyone just reads the post and starts to be creative — then we could already have 10 or more answers.

    Maybe I'll come up with more ideas myself.

    Neuheiten, Bestseller, Bildung

    Hendrik: Anyone can look up a "literal" translation. But I was trying to render a poem into "standard" German. In many cases, a literal translation from one language to another creates awkward usage in the second. I had seen "Zauberland" used many times in a similar context and was wondering if I had used it properly.

    The fact that I proposed my own solution means that I was not satisfied with what could be found in Google. Markus Markus 2, 15 15 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges.

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    Oops, yes you are right. I have not seen the und in my sentence. Maybe the ending war mein is better suited for a poetic context. Actually, it's not Aladdin who appears, it's a Jinni. Aladdin is the guy who recovers the lamp. And the name is always written with a double d. The Krautrock Album Database.

    Der Traum der Philosophie im 12. Jahrhundert

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