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Generally favorable reviews based on 15 Critics. Universal acclaim based on Ratings. See All. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Enter. Summary: A hideously scarred and mentally unstable scientist seeks revenge against the mobster who ruined his life.

Director: Sam Raimi. Rating: R. Runtime: 96 min. See All Details and Credits. Watch Now. Buy On. Stream On. Critic Reviews. Jay Carr. The film works because Raimi's motor-rhythmed pop sensibility was ready to take off in this movie, and does, in a series of wonderfully hyperkinetic comic-strip lurches. Ted Mahar. Raimi does everything extravagantly and swiftly in Darkman.

Instead of deriving from a particular comic book, he seems to be creating one -- or creating a film series. Or a TV series. Or two of the three. Noel Murray.

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Read full review. Michael Wilmington. What many American movies do well these days -- action, violence, hell-for-leather street spectacle -- Darkman does better. That may be praise enough. Rita Kempley. Darkman, as unnerving as a gargoyle, is a classic nightmare, elegant and sumptuous, everything "Batman" should have been.

But we're numbed after a while, as we are by the grotesquerie of the nightly news. Then again, maybe that's Raimi's intention. His work is beautiful in its scary way, and never only skin deep. Jay Boyar. Hal Lipper. Darkman is a spectacularly ill-conceived combination of Batman and The Phantom of the Opera.

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User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. TylerDurden Jul 16, Darkman has amazing action, stylish visuals and great acting from a clever cast. The screenplay was written by Sam Raimi and the story is engrossing. Equixz0r Jan 11, Great film! I love the concept of the character and the execution!

Sam Raimi did an amazing job. Rewatch the movie and decide for yourself. While only a modest hit in theaters, Darkman developed a substantial cult following on home video. Die Darkman Die was actually intended to be the first sequel. But once Larry Drake became available, it was held back until Return of Durant could be filmed and released.

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No doubt to capitalize on the success of Dr. Since the movie was made pre-CGI, the dissolving masks Peyton wears were controlled remotely by animatronic effects artists. The production shut down nine city blocks for the climatic helicopter chase scene. Originally a brief sequence, the studio allowed Raimi to add in more stunts and explosions once they saw the footage and realized they had a potential summer blockbuster on their hands. In a scene left on the cutting room floor, villainous real estate developer Louis Strack Colin Friels rolls around nude on a bed of gold krugerrands.

When studio execs screened the scene, they wondered what kind of movie Raimi was actually making.

Marvel produced a 3-issue Darkman movie adaptation comic in Sam Raimi came up with Darkman after failing to make a Batman or Shadow movie. In , Raimi announced plans to produce a Shadow movie but so far nothing has come along to replace our collective memory of Alec Baldwin wearing a prosthetic nose.

The actor was worried that a troubled kid might emulate the behavior. Roberts had to turn down the role of Julie, love interest to Peyton Westlake and legal counsel to Strack, in order to play another working gal — the hooker with a heart of gold in Pretty Woman. Gary Oldman and Bill Paxton were up for the lead.

Sam Raimi wore a suit every day on set. Frances McDormand and Sam Raimi were housemates at the time. Prior to playing Durant, Larry Drake was known for nice guy roles.

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Durant may have had a crush on one of his henchmen. You can blame VHS for the sequels. Also, the sequels were released in the wrong order.