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Therefore, the shipper is solely responsible for the correct labelling of the units, and we expect you to verify that your labels comply with current regulations. Viking Line will inspect the labelling before the units are loaded aboard the vessel.

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Any cargo which has incomplete or inaccurate labelling cannot be loaded aboard the vessel, and your reservation on your chosen departure may be jeopardised. The amount will be charged on the freight bill.

General Acceptance Conditions

We cannot guarantee to be able to correct inaccurate labelling in all cases. In addition, in some cases, an incorrectly labelled unit may not be loaded aboard the vessel.

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Each shipment of dangerous goods must be accompanied with a duly completed Dangerous Goods Declaration document. The documents must be delivered to the freight check-in area at the port of departure no later than two hours before the scheduled departure of the vessel. If the original documents are sent after the cargo has been dispatched and they will not reach the port before the departure, you can email us copies of the documents to arrive beforehand.

Please also note any port-specific requirements regarding advance notice and advance inquiry regarding the transportation of dangerous goods into the port area. Our freight reservation team is happy to provide further information about current regulations and in questions related to the labelling of your freight units.

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Port of Helsinki. Many ports have designated storage areas for freight units containing dangerous goods.

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  5. Syria misses December 31 deadline to remove chemical arsenal. Some attention was also paid to the outdated technology used for dangerous cargo , deregulated railroads and Transport Canada's increasing reliance on rail companies to patrol and enforce their own safety rules.

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    The eight-hour classroom program is important because freight cars travel though rural areas, including Hardwick, and could be carrying dangerous cargo. Firefighters train on rail emergencies. Some containers carry dangerous cargo , we call them HNS, hazardous noxious substances.

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    Merchant vessel fire off Mumbai coast under control. Officials intercepted the potentially dangerous cargo , which involved carcasses, during random checks on incoming ships.

    New livestock suppliers sought. Much of this dangerous cargo was loaded onto ships at the isolated naval facility at Port Chicago, in north-central California, a station manned almost exclusively by black US sailors.

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    This is especially true of vast desert areas, and of oceans where demand for M2M solutions is high: for tracking fishing vessels, dangerous cargo , monitoring offshore wind farms, etc. Satellite M2M: the satellite M2M market, This ship of shame should not be allowed to unload its dangerous cargo in Egypt, and there is a substantial risk that this is what it plans to do," said Brian Wood, Amnesty's head of arms control.