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In recent days, many white-collar office workers, including bankers and Meanwhile the pro-establishment camp, which has long been helping the government to secure the passage Top officials seek to allay health risk fears over tear gas Top government officials have sought to allay fears that the massive use of tear gas by police in the months-long civil unrest is posing health and environmental risks to Hongkongers. Police have fired more Trump expected to sign HK rights bills despite China warnings The US House of Representatives passed two bills to back protesters in Hong Kong and send a warning to China about human rights, with President Donald Trump expected to sign them into law, despite Wake up and smell the tear gas, Mrs Lam Do the idealistic young people who fought to defend their university campuses from being stormed by the police have a stake in society?

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor is on the record as saying young The government has launched a series of Of course, it was to be expected Most Popular 24 Hrs Planning to emigrate to Australia? All rights reserved. Susan G. They go to the brain and they attach to the vary same receptor that heroin attaches to. Casomorphin may play a role in SIDS, in sudden infant death syndrome, they play a role in autism.

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This talk about addiction made me think about all the drugs animals are fed. So, that we know of there are at least different drugs that are administered to animals either alone or in combination. These drugs are given to animals for a variety of reasons. Very, very few of which are actually beneficial to consumer health.

Antibiotic residues are found in meat. Other antimicrobials are found in meat. There has been a ractopamine found in meat. They could be in the same piece of meat. The pharmaceutical company supposed to show the safety of animal drugs. We try to get information on some of the health studies and the environmental studies from federal agencies. We get back page after page of blacked out information because the company claim confidential business information.

So, how sick something makes me and how bad it pollutes the environment is a secret for a company. The bacteria tends to spread that the pathogens that are being created in these filthy conditions are breeding resistance to antibiotics and the public are becoming exposed to those.

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We already had people dying from salmonella and other things that you eat. We have about 3, people die every year in the United States. If we had some terrorists organization killing 3, people a year, we would be all over it. The antibiotic-resistant bacteria deaths that we have on top of that, you get a 20, people die in a year. Can you imagine? If that many people were being killed by some terrorist group in the United States every year, we would find them.

You get an infection in your leg and you cut your leg off. So, you have this very dangerous situation. By crowding these animals in, they become a perfect engine for generating usually a virus that can come out into the community.

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If you lived near a swine spray field, not even decay field but the waste disposal field, you are three times more likely to have MRSA infection. That particular swine flu incident was originated on a farm here in North Carolina. Between eight to 10 times the amount of feces is produced by a hog, an adult hog as compared to an adult human.

It is then pumped in the giant waste pits which leach in the rivers and streams and is pumped out unfiltered on the fields further polluting the environment and neighboring health. It is definitely a human rights issue. My sister, she have asthma and you know, her brother, he have asthma.

Mostly everybody in this neighborhood got asthma or even cancer. My neighbor there died from cancer probably just last year. When they die, they go into a box and they decompose because they swell from, especially from heat. It hits you right in that face. It smells like something that you had never smelled before, something rotten and dead body. I have my grandmother there, my sisters, my brothers.

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When we go to funeral, he used to spray. Yeah, they spray, and when the people come, everybody be closing their nose up saying how it stank. He always spray at Sunday. And most of these area, hog houses and turkey house, is in the black area or the Hispanic area. Meat is a luxury item. I woke up the next morning to find the Bern River had experienced another massive fish kill from the pollution running off hog farms.

Tens of thousands of fish were washing up on shore. All this talk about health, I realized that I was only focused on personal health, but health started to mean so much more to me. It was about health of my family and our communities. Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector. American Diabetes Association actually finally got back and they agreed to an interview.

Preparing for the American Diabetes Association interview, I took a look at their diabetes diet meal plan recommendations and they were loaded with foods associated with causing diabetes. And then, I saw multiple peer reviewed studies published on the National Institute of Health website showing that a low-fat plant-based diet was more than twice as powerful at controlling and even reversing diabetes than the 88 recommended diet that included meat and dairy. Well, the mission of the American Diabetes Association is to identify a prevention and a cure for diabetes.

But in the meantime, to improve the lives of all people who are affected by diabetes. During a research, we came across a lot of studies that said that you actually could potentially cure or reverse diabetes with a purely plant-based diet.

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We recommend healthy eating. You have a whole list of exact day-to-day, the meal plan, the whole meal plan? All they are are selections of foods to consider. We do not have a diabetes diet. But with that selections, do you consider that plan compared to a whole plant-based plan? I can tell you what an improper diet is.

Sudden Infant Death syndrome, Causes and Prevention

So then, we can talk about the good diets. But why is there an argument? The European Association of Study of Diabetes has been peer reviewed or—. That was interesting. What he wanna talk about was people living longer with diabetes but once he mentioned eliminating diabetes or prevention, oh, whoa, now you cross the line. Not only did Dr.

I had always thought there was no prevention for type I diabetes but then, I did research and came across countless studies referencing the link between exposure to dairy at a young age in type I diabetes. This is a food made for baby cows. Why were they recommending people to actually eat these foods linked to diabetes? American Heart Association promoting beef, American Cancer Society promoting processed meat, pink ribbons on dairy products, and bacon wrapped shrimp on American Diabetes Association.

And then, it all came together. What if? And there it was. And the American Heart Association was probably the most disturbing of all. Taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the beef industry, poultry, and dairy producers, and millions from fast food and processed food manufacturers. Every single one of these organizations was taking money from meat and dairy companies that are associated with the causes of these diseases. This would be like the American Lung Association taking money from the tobacco industry. I was sick of not getting answers so I went to the headquarters of these organizations myself.

We have to speak someone in person. I wanted to find out why Susan G. But everyone of these organizations declined to be interviewed. So, that makes the truth something that you are not gonna be hearing as far as nutrition goes from these organizations. Well, that would be the end of their funding, that would be the end of their jobs, there would be lawsuits, they would bring the entire catastrophe down upon their heads, and they would essentially disappear as organizations.

So, one time I got invited to a charity fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association. I showed up and they had a whole buffet and there was all just animal products. I remember like a big thing of barbecue chicken, and I was, like I stormed out. I know that he advocates for patients changing their diets but the hospital makes money off these surgeries and the reality is he does too. When those two come head to head, they usually choose the producer. The dairy checkoff program, be it 12 million dollars to dominoes, to just market cheese-heavy product. And this is the USDA, this is the government.

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  • How can we put more cheese on beef, how can we put more milk in a coffee, things like that to just drive consumption of these just unbelievably unhealthful products. You would just never think that this just pure garbage from a food standpoint is coming from a federally funded program. Targeting young people like the tobacco industry had to keep replacing the customers who are dying with new customers.