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They tied me and one of my friends to the wall, another friend to a chair and the two other to the floor. It was like a dungeon down there.

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They started undressing us, so we're two strippers and five guys completely naked and tied up, and the girls starts whipping us with this whip, and spraying us with whipped cream. This is probably one of the most funny and bizarre moments of my life.

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Me and my friends were laughing so hard, and I got the feeling that the girls also had a good time they were genuinely laughing with us and probably at us as well. Yeah, it was just strange. Ran into a girl I used to work with, apparently she became a stripper.

We used to flirt a lot at work, there was definitely some tension between us. Anyway, long story short, I got kicked out and she got fired.

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Bouncer caught us having sex in the corner. But no worries, we finished up at my place. I had an existential crisis and went out to the car park and threw up everywhere, then I woke up in hotel room with the worst hangover I've ever had.

Confessions of a lapdancer

The look on his face when he recognised me was priceless. The girl takes me back to the dance room, realises the song is almost half over, so tells me that we're going to wait until the next song before starting. So I have a stripper in my lap for a couple minutes, necessitating small talk, which I am abundantly terrible at.

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Luckily for me, she was equally bad at it, because she ends up blurting out, 'Wow, your English is really really good! I couldn't help but laugh and I said that hers was pretty good too. I think she realised that she had just said something pretty stupid, because she ended up letting me touch for free.

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Type keyword s to search. Out of Stock. Sign in to rate or review. Blonde, beautiful and with a body to die for, Erica Parley makes big bucks revealing all in strip joints and lap dancing clubs. She loves her job, the money and the men lusting after her every erotic move.


But the lifestyle has cost her the custody of her daughter, now in the protective custody of her parents. Determined to get her little girl back, Erica turns to her attorney boyfriend for help. But when he discovers she's not just a lap dancer, she's a hooker too, Erica's desperation sends her deeper into the twilight world of sex for sale Barcode The sexy Josie Hunter aka Blake Pickett stars as Erica, a single mother who works as a stripper and sometime-prostitute to provide for her daughter.