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Setting the stage for the event, we thought some refreshment might be in order. At this event, we were honored to receive as a visitor Jose Ortega, V. Jose is such a nice, fun guy, and our customers enjoyed visiting with him. As did we. Thanks to Larry Byers for taking this picture for us. As always, there was great conversation. The customers enjoyed the high quality My Father cigars and smoking them with each other. Also, as always, people knew they could relax, use their electronics if they chose, and just be free to be themselves without the pressures of life intruding.

The day stretched out a little beyond the actual closing time, because everyone was having such a good time. Jose and Jason left a little after 8, and then, it was time to wrap it up and go home.

Lessons from My Grandfather: The Ray Lewis Interview with Marvin R. Shanken

The next day, the festivities continued for Greg Grant, who won the free humidor! We hope you were here to enjoy this great event.

Cigar Christmas Ornament

If not, there will be others. In fact, the biggest event of the year is coming up on Saturday, Oct. There will be deals, freebies, swag, beverages, food featuring Super BBQ, and a few surprises. Believe me when I tell you the food alone is worth the trip. If you are not on our email list, please just drop us a line at info mikescigarroom. Here is what you need to know, courtesy of co-commissioners Frank Kos and Jack Bridge:. Below, the winning team! Also, this just in: Duc is a dork. Last Friday, August 8, we hosted an Event featuring H. Upmann Banker Cigars, the bolder and more complex cousin of the other, more well established, H.

Upmann cigar lines. As always, there was plenty of swag to entice our customers to give this high quality, well-priced cigar a try. Altadis, makers of such fine brands as Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo in addition to H.

Upmann, sent scratch-off tickets to be given away with already discounted cigar purchases. Everybody loves a scratch-off contest.

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The scratch-off prizes included hats, ashtrays, money clips and, the grand prize, a cigar mold full of Banker Cigars! The day started out with a bang. Besides it being H. Happy Birthday, Terry!

Cigar Aficionado

Candace Martin, the H. Upmann Banker Rep, was on hand to provide product information and assistance. And then the funniest thing happened. The very first sale of the day, and the very first scratch-off ticket, was the Grand Prize Winner!!! After golf, of course, which preceded the event for some of the regulars.

If you were here, thanks, and we hope you had a good time. Great cigars, great company, big fun, and, always a surprise or two. See you then! Skip to content.

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And, again, this is awkward. Pretty simplistic analysis. There was a lot of luck there. Hope you were able to play. It will only get bigger! Happy New Year!!! I believe they nailed it this year on the Top Two Cigars: 1, the Oliva V Melanio Figurado , a smooth, full-bodied cigar that we have been recommending since we first tried it; and 2, the fabulous E. But some highlights from some of the others, which we find instructive, are these: Cigar Journal No.

Fernandez New World. Also Liga Privada Undercrown , kind of an under-the-radar cigar we have been recommending for a while.

This review was done for Cigar Retreat by Brad Frazier, whose highly developed palate more than qualifies him for this task. This is the first new cigar branded as an Ashton in nearly a decade. It has been much anticipated and discussed as it represents a departure from other Ashtons in terms of flavors, make-up and strength level. Slight box press with a medium brown veinless wrapper and low sheen. The cap is a triple and is very firmly constructed.

The cigar is only medium firm to the squeeze and has no noticeable soft spots.

Cigar Aficionado

Croix to Tommy Bahama. He started the business as St. He is also a member at Meadowbrook Country Club and plays as much golf as his schedule allows. Mary Jo touches just about everything there is at Savile Row, from making the store displays visually stunning to buying merchandise. And, on top of that, she has a long list of great customers. You want something done at Savile Row, call Mandy.

Mandy is moving into her second decade with us and she is the backbone of store operations, from working with our suppliers on clothing orders, to shipping and receiving, to supporting our sales team—David, Mary Jo and Dakota. She gets it done! Moving into his third decade with Savile Row, Dwayne is responsible for making sure every custom garment looks its best before it is delivered to a client. When Dwayne is not busy working, he enjoys new releases at the movies.

Nurko has been a master tailor for 40 years and he has worked at Savile Row for the past eight years. Visit cigaraficionado. A bill that sought to ban internet and catalog sales of all tobacco products now has an exemption for …. Stephen Hahn has been tapped by Trump to lead the government agency that oversees tobacco ….

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  5. The cigar industry earlier today argued in the U. Court of Appeals for the Washington D. Circuit, …. A bill introduced last month that sought to dramatically increase the federal tax on premium cigars …. Today, the Department of Justice filed an appeal on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration that …. Cigar Life. The Magazine.