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It is a versatile dish which can be enjoyed either for lunch or dinner, and for some, even breakfast. The place comes alive during lunch hour, and the chicken rice stall is a must-visit for chicken rice lovers. The stall is manned by Hooi Kok Chuan and his wife Liew Chooi Lan, and the couple has been serving customers their version of chicken rice since July last year. The luo han guo herbal drink does not have artificial flavouring or preservatives.

Liew used to work at the Eng Ann morning market before joining her husband, and they have been tending to the stall hand-in-hand ever since. The skin of the siew yoke is both crispy and flavourful. A plate of rice with chicken wing and breast meat costs RM5. The cooking process makes the chicken healthier for consumption, and at the same time, still manages to retain collagen in the chicken skin.

From left Liew and Hooi have been running the stall together since July The meat is served cold and does not taste oily, and is refreshing due to its one-of-a-kind cooking process.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold!

There's no point going over everything - move on! Answer All of the speakers think that revenge is a good idea, except the last one. He says that it's better to forgive and forget.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Revenge is a dish best served cold

Now look at the transcript and pay attention to the phrases in bold - they are all related to revenge. But what do the phrases mean? Try the quiz to find out. Read carefully the meaning of the revenge phrase in the question box. Then choose which option contains the correct phrase.

Justice is a dish best served cold, if it were served warm jt would be justwater. : dadjokes

Question 1 of 5. Question 2 of 5. Question 3 of 5. Question 4 of 5. Question 5 of 5. Well done if you worked out the meaning of all these phrases - maybe you can use one the next time you need to get your own back! We asked you to tell us about your feelings about revenge. Do you think that revenge is sweet or is it better to forgive and forget? And have you ever done something to get your own back? To forgive and forget is better.

They need a treatment. Nilson Mandella is my hero , my example. I am the sort who forgive and forget. Organising a revenge is wasting time which could be used for more positive tasks. On the other hand, considering that revenge is dish better served cold, I let destiny do its own work and, as a spectator, enjoy, sometimes, how revenge is sweet.

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Some years ago, two friends of mine bought secretly the car I dreamed of. Knowing my dream, they boasted and teased me for three months, till I decided, openly, to order the same roadster. I got my own back, but not on purpose, even if it was payback time! When the superb car arrived my friends discovered something I really did not know: in just 3-month time the carmaker had designed a new model, so superior indeed that my very disappointed friends had to change theirs and lost money as if they were taken a pound of flesh.

If someone does something bad to you.. When such thing happens you're facing three probable choices of behavior..

First you may forget, not so quick maybe.. Forgiveness helps you much more than helping who you're forgiving.. Second you may get back what had been taken of you..

The proof that revenge IS a dish best served cold

Getting your pound of flesh.. Well, that's a kind of illness I guess.. For me If I couldn't behave as the first I would never do the third.. When it comes to human nature, I believe, people will find that revenge is sweet and everyone wants to get its payback when treated unfairly.

It's acknowledged that we hurt not only other people but also ourselves if we seek justice demanding a pound of flesh. As a result, a better solution is to forgive and forget, because that way,you will heap burning coals on his head. I am basically forgive and forget kind of person but there are times where taking revenge is sweet. Again waiting for the revenge to serve as cold might cause you to become obsessed about it and can make you mentally sick. I really enjoyed today's lesson that's why I am writing to give you my point of view about revenge.

Some say revenge is sweet but I don't agree because personally speaking, I always feel sadder after getting my own back on someone. I don't know why. Maybe because revenge doesn't give me something special like an award or something and also I don't like hurting people. I'd rather forgive and forget than wasting my time trying to get my own back. I read long before that a man stabbed another man. The wounded was treated and healed, The man who stabbed did escap scot free but suffered ill health like Blood Pressure and Diabetes life long.

Revenge is for the moment but forgiveness brings good long term results. In my opinion it is better to forgive and forget because then people can spend more time doing something which makes them happy. People who think revenge is sweet have to pay attention to other people they get even with until they get their own back. This reduces time they spend enjoyable things. Consequently, overall, it is possible that revenge torment not only those who are revenged but also those who want t revenge themselves.

Thus, I have never done anything to get my own back. In the meantime there are plenty more episodes for you to enjoy.

Chicken best served cold

Return to these pages to find out more about William Shakespeare's life and work - and to learn a useful new English expression. For more great Shakespeare content visit our partner, The OU. Meaning Modern English speakers use the phrase a pound of flesh when someone says they want justice, but the punishment they're asking for is so severe that it seems more like revenge.