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If you would like further information about this ministry please contact Jennifer Cameron our Deacon Associate. Home Anointing for Healing.

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Anointing for Healing. Anointing for Healing and Wholeness Are any among you sick? It keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest.

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Miracles are real. The Name of the Lord is a high tower, and the righteous run to it. Stop hesitating. Run to the healing anointing, the healing power of God. Move toward Him, and allow Him to heal you.

James 5:14 and anointing with oil

Receiving from God is easy. Offer good June , Just as there is an anointing to teach or preach, there is an anointing to heal.

5 Ways to Receive Your Healing Through the Anointing - Kenneth Copeland Ministries Blog

Just like any other blessing or promise—by faith. In themselves, they do not heal. In other words, healing can come through an anointed minister, but this is primarily used to gain the attention of unbelievers. So, when you attend a healing meeting, go expecting to receive. Allow the words and actions of the healing minister to build your faith to the point of receiving your healing right in your own chair.

There are hints all through the New Testament of prerequisites for healing. One of them is that hearing comes before healing. Hearing what? Hearing the Word of God. In Mark , we read about the woman with the issue of blood.

When did she receive her healing? Faith comes by hearing Romans One way to receive the healing anointing in your own life is to hear what the Word of God says about it. Read about the love of God, read about the compassion of Jesus, and read about the healings of Jesus. Read about His goodness.

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The traditions of men make the Word of God of no effect. Gloria Copeland built her faith in this area by reading all four Gospels and the book of Acts three times in 30 days. Getting a concentrated dose of the Word, especially regarding healing and miracles, will build your faith to be healed. Another way to build your faith for healing is to listen to testimonies or faith-filled teaching on healing.

“The Healing School 101” 10.18.17 / The Healing Anointing

As you build your faith, resist the temptation to look at how other healings have occurred. Anywhere on the journey, He can step in. As we apply it, help us to remember that it is only a symbolic representation of our faith in your sacrifice and healing power. We believe that as we use this oil, your son Jesus heals our bodies and answers our prayers. Let your healing virtue flow in us that we may become whole again and glorify your name.

Consecration Prayer Father, we gather here today to consecrate your servants whom you have seen fit to be our leaders. As we put this oil on their heads the way Moses anointed Aaron and his sons, may your Holy Spirit fill this place and each of these leaders with his presence that they may be full of power and wisdom to lead us in a way that is pleasing to you.

As they take up their roles, let nothing but the love of Christ dwell in their hearts. Help them to work as unto you, Father God, and not men. Love Prayer Lord, let everyone that this anointing oil touches be filled with your Holy Spirit. Lord, forgive their sins and release them from all kinds of sufferings that they are going through. Fill their hearts with your unconditional love and cover them with your wings of love. Keep their hearts free from fear and doubt and help them to focus on the sacrifice that Jesus made at the cross.

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God help them to stand firm in the healing that Jesus purchased for us at Calvary when the devil comes to steal their healing through lies and fear. Strength Prayer Spirit of the living God, take control, and breathe in this oil so that your resurrection power may flow in the bodies of people that we will anoint with it. Strengthen the bodies of the sick that they may be able to get up and glorify the true living God.

Illuminate their minds so that they may break free from stress and depression. Break any strongholds that the devil has planted in their minds and help them to walk in total freedom. Kindle your fire in the hearts and grant them peace forever. Let your servant be free today from every evil burden that has been weighing him down.