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Guerra had a long rivalry and vendetta to Alvarez, but made peace in the end. After Morales died, nobody stepped up to lead. The Muslims are the most religious gang in Oz. They mostly stay away from violence and gang-related things. They're anti-drugs and are against almost everything else that are up in that category. After Khan died in the boxing tournament, Arif took over but found he couldn't lead. When he came around again he started the book-binding business, and then suddenly, was shot by Lemuel Idzik. Arif took over after that, but again couldn't handle it.

When the series ended it wasn't certain who was the leader. The Muslims had almost inevitably long-running tensions with the Aryans. The corrections officers COs are mostly white, with many black and some Latino officers. They range from kind and well-meaning to cruel and violent. Claire Howell excels in cruelty and sexual harassment, despite being both a woman and a guard.

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Other staff members, tries their best to run the Penitentiary but always get involved with many of the Inmates such as main nurse Dr. Nathan's relationship with O'Reily, and McManus always getting into complicating and overwhelming solutions with several of the Inmates in his unit of Emerald City.

Due to Emerald City's unconventional configuration and routine, each new inmate is given a sponsor to help acclimate. Specific requests for current Emerald City prisoners to be paired up with inbound inmates have occasionally been made and granted. Below is a list of inmates and sponsors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For characters of the Oz children's book series, see List of characters in the Oz books. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Muslim inmates. Non Muslim Black inmates. Aryan inmates. Latino inmates.

Irish inmates. Other inmates. Episodes " The Routine ". Categories : Oz TV series characters. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Italiano Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The socially astute narrator of the show. Hill's narrations offer philosophical perspectives on given situations, frequently dealing with existential concepts and the nature of death.

During his arrest for drug offences, he killed a police officer. In retaliation, another officer threw him off a roof, leaving him paralysed from the waist down. Due to his disability and distaste for heroin, he is not associated with the Homeboys until Redding, a surrogate father for Hill, arrives in Oz in season 4. He tries to remain neutral in most affairs and appears friendly with almost everyone: no inmate appears to wish him any particular harm aside from the Aryans' general dislike of non-white inmates and a brief period of exclusion from the Homeboys after he betrays them.

He is often the moral compass of the show and shows great remorse for the deaths for which he is responsible. He is accidentally killed by Urbano while trying to protect Redding at the end of season 5. Despite this, he remains on the show throughout season 6 as a partial narrator alongside other dead characters. A former middle class lawyer in denial about his alcoholism, Beecher is convicted of driving whilst intoxicated that results in the death of a young girl.

Thrown into the deep end in a super-max prison and forced to fend for himself, Beecher quickly learns he is out of his league. Not being street-savvy, Beecher is quickly taken advantage of by Aryan inmate Schillinger who dominates him, rapes him and sexually humiliates him during Season 1.

Around this time, Beecher also becomes addicted to drugs to cope with the harsh reality of his surroundings, befriending Irish inmate Ryan O'Reilly. After reaching breaking point, Beecher attacks Schillinger and leaves his eye badly damaged. By the end of the first Season, Beecher has become self-sufficient to a degree and is no longer a gullible pushover. His character undergoes the most drastic changes throughout the seasons, during which he becomes a drug addict and falls in love with Keller, a first for Beecher in encountering homosexuality. His relationship with Keller both toxic and intoxicating for him and blood feud with Schillinger is the series' dominant story arc, beginning in the first episode and being resolved during the series finale, when he accidentally kills Schillinger in an acted fight in a performance of Macbeth.

By the end, Beecher is free of all his enemies, Keller having arranged for all remaining Aryans to be wiped out by a chemical release, which causes the entire prison to be evacuated.