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Best Degrees to Get in 2020

High-paying jobs that typically require an associate degree tend to be in technical, specialized fields. Most associate degree programs train students for specific careers and prioritize hands-on instruction such as demonstrations and practical exercises over lectures.

Associate degree programs often prepare students for a direct transition from school to the workplace. This may be one reason why so just 4. By comparison, Many high-paying jobs that typically require an associate degree also require that practitioners have some sort of outside licensing or certification. Most states require radiation therapists — the second highest paying job on this list and No.

Highest Paying 2-Year Degrees

Data on the typical educational requirement for each occupation came from the Employment Projections program of the BLS and are for The educational attainment of workers 25 and older in each occupation and the projected employment change also came from the Employment Projections program. The Employment Projections report includes self-employed workers, while the OES excludes such workers. The job offers sustainability and growth with degree programs that can lead to higher positions. This major is offered at many colleges and universities throughout the country.

$120,000/yr. 💰 NO DEGREE (Top 10 Jobs Without Degrees)

The major leads to an associate degree and is usually completed in two years. It opens the door to acquiring jobs in the healthcare field. Medical assistants are mostly responsible for carrying out a doctor's orders.

They commonly work in hospitals and take on tasks that require clinical and administration skills. Their current unemployment rate is around 3 to 5 percent throughout the country. Medical technologist employment rates are increasing. This is another career in the healthcare field with a promising future for current students.

24 High-Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

Medical technology is offered through a bachelor's degree program at many universities and colleges. Studies include biology, chemistry and clinical laboratories. Graduates often find jobs in hospitals and laboratories. Their current unemployment rate falls at a low 2 to 4 percent.

7. Occupational health and safety

Electrical engineering may not be an easy college major, but it comes with high potential compensation and employment opportunities. This is a bachelor's degree that is completed in four years.

What is an Associate’s Degree?

There are also master's and doctorate degrees offered at universities. Electrical engineers find careers in many large corporations throughout the country. They are in demand at power plants, large manufacturing facilities and other major companies.

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The expected growth in employment for electrical engineers by is 6 percent. Construction management is another college degree with increasing demand in employment. This is a degree that is offered at many colleges and universities throughout the country. Construction management programs can either be a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree. The bachelor's degree program is usually completed in three to four years. Construction managers are the ones who control building operations.

Associate Degree in Computer Science |

Projected employment growth by is 17 percent. Nurses have had a steady employment rate in the past years. However, the fast-growing population of newborns and elderly people also creates the demand for more nurses. This career requires an associate or bachelor's degree in order for a person to work as a licensed nurse.

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  • The associate degree can be finished in two to three years while the bachelor's degree needs four years for completion. They are mostly in demand in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The projected growth for their employment rate is 26 percent by Obtaining a degree in physical therapy can be difficult. However, the end result is quite rewarding for physical therapists. Physical therapy degrees include the bachelor's, master's and doctorate.